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Year: 2018

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This book emphasizes the advancements and innovations in geosynthetics, in each chapter. It will be very useful for the readers. Any suggestions and criticisms from the readers are welcome for further improvement of this book.

This book is divided into 13 chapters and presented in a lucid and proper way to understand clearly the basic design and construction of geosynthetic structures in a systematic manner to the readers and engineering fraternity. Many solved examples, problems, design charts and formulae are included in all chapters.

  • Chapter 1 covers an overview of geosynthetics,
  • Chapter 2 deals with geosynthetics test methods,
  • Chapter 3 describes geosynthetics for filtrations, drainages and erosion control systems,
  • Chapter 4 addresses geosynthetics for pavements,
  • Chapter 5 provides geosynthetics for embankments,
  • Chapter 6 presents geosynthetics for reinforced soil retaining walls,
  • Chapter 7 gives geosynthetics for slopes,
  • Chapter 8 includes geosynthetics for ground improvements,
  • Chapter 9 presents geosynthetics tube,
  • Chapter 10 covers geosynthetics for landfills,
  • Chapter 11 deals with bearing capacity,
  • Chapter 12 describes geosynthetics for geofoam structures, and
  • Chapter 13 presents reinforced soil systems.

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