Elements of Geochemistry, Geochemical Exploration and Medical Geology

ISBN: 978-981-07-1675-2 (Hardbound)
ISBN: 978-981-07-4246-1 (Paperback)
Pages: 464 pp
Year: 2012


Geochemistry is a prime branch of geosciences, which relates to variety of sub-disciplines including mineralogy, petrology and petrogenesis, tectonics, exploration and economic geology. Geochemistry is an important tool for exploration of hidden ore deposits and understanding geo-scientific causes for health related hazards.

This book is a welcome addition to the available literature for the students and research scholars of Geology. It is divided into three separate parts, first one is Geochemistry comprising of 11 chapters, second one is Geochemical Exploration comprising of 12 chapters and third one is Medical Geology which is comprised of 4 chapters.

Since this book is intended for the graduate and post graduate students of geology, it is written in simple English that can be easily followed by an average student. It will be a comprehensive collection of principles of Geochemistry, Geochemical Exploration techniques and Fundamental concepts of Medical Geology. It will be first textbook covering medical geology under distinct chapter scheme. The discipline of medical geology is newly emerging and propagated by the Internal Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS). Some of the original concepts of author are being given in this book.

• Basic Principles of Chemistry
• Chemistry of Minerals
• Geochemistry of Major Elements
• Trace Element Geochemistry
• Isotope Geochemistry
• Geochemistry of the Universe
• Geochemistry of the Earth
• Geochemistry of Igneous Rocks
• Geochemistry of Metamorphic Rocks
• Geochemistry of Sedimentary Rocks
• Geochemistry of Ore Deposits
• What is Geochemical Exploration?
• Dispersion Patterns of deep seated origin
• Surficial Dispersion Patterns
• Methods of Sampling
• Sample Preparation
• LaboratoryMethods of Analysis
• Bedrock Geochemical Surveys
• Soil Geochemical Surveys
• Stream Sediment Surveys
• Biogeochemical and Geobotanical Surveys
• Other Geochemical Surving Methods
• Design of Geochemical Exploration Programs
• Fundamental Principles of Medical Geology
• Trace Elements and Human Health
• Geological Health Hazards
• Mineral Medicines in Ayurveda

“Thus the book provides a simple, succinct and lucid account of the entire gamut of geochemistry, exploration geochemistry and the new branch of medical geology. The book is an excellent addition to such texts already in the market. However, it is very student-friendly since it provides details on varied topics covered under its title in a more focused, succinct and straight forward manner that it becomes like a guide book.

Furthermore, the most revered doyen of Indian geology, the late B. P. Radhakrishna had blessed the author in his endeavour to write a book on this topic. The book must adorn the shelves of libraries as a book of reference and thus will be useful for both geologists and non-geologists

For full length review, please read: http://rpsonline.com.sg/books/geo-bk-review.pdf“.

— Dr. P. Krishnamurthy in JOUR.GEOL.SOC.INDIA, VOL.81, FEB. 2013

“Author has taken lot of efforts to synthesize the information on geochemistry. Language of the book is simple and can be followed easily by the students especially in the non-English speaking countries. We are sure that the book will find immediate popularity among the students and research scholars of geology.”

— Prof. N.M. Sushchevskaya, Professor of Geology, Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry, Russia
— Dr. Boris Belyatsky, Leading researcher, VNIIOkeangeologia, Russia

Readership: Graduate and Post Graduate Students, Academicians and Researchers in the field of Geology.


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