Session WP1-A: Modeling and Design
Date/Time Wednesday, 15 December 2010 / 14:30 – 16:10
Venue Engineering Auditorium
Chair(s) Jae Bok Song and Peter Vojtas

Design of Safe Joint Module for Safe Robot Arm based on Passive and Active Compliance Methods
Hwi-Su Kim, In-Moon Kim and Jae-Bok Song

A Further Step Toward System Autonomy and Intelligence
Michel Cotsaftis

Neural Networks based System Identification for an Unmanned Helicopter System
Syariful Syafiq Shamsudin, Xiaoqi Chen, Wenhui Wang, Christopher E. Hann and Geoffrey Chase

Learning user Preferences for Top-k Querying - improving Learning of the Higher Ranked Objects
Alan Eckhardt and Peter Vojtáš

System Identification for AC Servo Motor and Dynamometer using ARX Model and NNARX Model
Sarun Umpavan, Seelawat Chankaew, Waree Kongprawechnon and Teera Phatrapornnant