Optimizing Ping-pong Player Robot Arm Path based on PSO Algorithm with New Initializing Method

H. Khoshravana and A. Naebib

Electrical and Computer Faculty, Qazvin Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran.


Designing of robot controllers is the most commonly used in the engineering field. In this matter, intelligent designing of controller with minimum human intervention in a major challenge. We chose ping-pong player robot for to run a controller training algorithm on it. Our Algorithm has 2 main sections. 1st we produce a pattern of the best racket path for each ball path. In the 2nd section we use this pattern to train a Nero-Fuzzy inference system. In this article we study 1st section as a multi-objective optimization problem which is solved by PSO algorithm.

Keywords: Particle swarm optimization, NNT, Event base, Ping-pong robot.

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