Tele-operated Nano-manipulation in Liquid Environment with Atomic Force Microscopy

M. H. Korayem1, A. Naebi2,a, S. Esmaeilzadeha2,b and A. M. Shahri2,c

1Iran University of Science & Technology Tehran, Iran.

2Islamic Azad University of Qazvin, Qazvin, Iran.


In this research, we designed a virtual reality environment to overcome the problem of lacking real time visual feedback in working with AFM in a nano-environment. We have modelled dynamic behaviour of nano-manipulator and particles in fluid environment. We also modelled Nano-manipulation of the nano-particle and fluid forces on tip of AFM cantilevers. Then, the model is improved for liquid environment. Using our proposed model, users are capable of tracking nano-manipulation in the liquid environment. Our aim is to design a virtual reality in liquid environment such that users can perceive the liquid forces graphically. Finally, one is able to perceive ultimate result of nano-manipulation graphically prior to real implementation and experiment be performed.

Keywords: Tele-operation, Nano-manipulation, Atomic force microscopy, Virtual reality, Liquid forces.

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