Petri Net based Modeling and Distributed Implementation of Robotic Manufacturing Systems

Gen’ichi Yasuda

Department of Human and Computer Intelligence, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science 536 Aba-machi, Nagasaki 851-0193, Japan.


The methods of modeling and control of discrete event robotic manufacturing systems using Petri nets are considered, and a methodology of decomposition and coordination is presented for hierarchical and distributed control. First, a task specification is defined as a Petri net model at the conceptual level, and then transformed to the detailed Petri net representation of the subtasks. Finally, the overall Petri net is decomposed and the constituent subnets are assigned to local Petri net based controllers. The controllers are coordinated so that the decomposed transitions fire at the same time by the coordinator. System coordination algorithm through communication between the coordinator and the controllers, is presented. By the proposed method, modeling, simulation and control of large and complex manufacturing systems can be performed consistently using Petri nets.

Keywords: Robotic manufacturing systems, Petri nets, Modeling, Distributed implementation, Real-time control.

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