Measuring of Number-of-chewing using Flexible Capacitive Sensor

Masato Mizuta1,a, Shunji Moromugi2,a, Takakazu Ishimatsu2, Toshiyuki Saito3, Hideki Matsui1, Takuya Takakura1, Kazuya Miura1, Kazuaki Endoh1 and Hideki Fukuda3

1Graduate school of science, Nagasaki University, Bunkyo-machi 1-14,Nagasaki Japan 852-8521.

2Dept. Mechanical engineering, Nagasaki University.

3Graduate school of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University


We propose a number-of-chewing measuring device which detects upheaval of a temporal muscle using the flexible capacitive sensor. We focused on the feature of the temporal muscle which swells up during chewing action. It is possible to distinguishing the chewing action from the conversation accurately. An advantage of our technique is that the device can be installed readily only by fixing the sensor with the head belt. Furthermore, since the sensor is has a wide flexible sensing area, fine adjustment of the sensor location in not necessary. Moreover, the threshold adjustment at each installation is unnecessary with an automatic gain control function of the sensor. Experimental results revealed the applicability.

Keywords: Chewing, Teeth, Prevention measure, Counter, Sensing.

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