Swing-up Fuzzy Controller and Adaptive State Controller for Inverted Pendulum on Cart System

Phuchong Kheawchaooma, Teerapong Chanasuan and Waree Kongprawechnon

School of Information, Computer and Communication Technology (ICT), Sirindhorn International Institute of Tehnology, Thammasat University, P.O.Box22, Thammasat-Rangsit Post Office Pathum Thani 12121, Thailand.


An inverted pendulum on a cart with restricted travel was a challenge of nonlinear control techniques that dealing with nonlinear system, unstable, and under actuated. It was used for illustration of various control techniques. The objectives of this study are (i) to design controllers for upswing and stabilization of the inverted pendulum on cart, (ii) to determine which control stategy delivers better performance with respect to pendulums angle and carts position. Two controllers are presented to swing up pendulum to upright position i.e. proportional-derivative (PD) and fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for controlling the nonlinear system of inverted pendulum. Later on, the controller was switch to the adaptive state controller to stabilize the inverted pendulum on up-right position. Simulation study has been done in Simulink shows that FLC produced better ease swinging up compared to switching PD controller and Adaptive state controller is robustness for stabilization inverted pendulum.

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