SCARA Robot Locomotion Control by Two-degree-of-freedom Simple Servo Adaptive Controller

Taworn Benjanarasuth

Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Chalongkrung Rd., Bangkok 10520, Thailand.


This paper presents an application of two-degree-offreedom simple servo adaptive control scheme in controlling the link angles of the DDR-type two-links SCARA robot to track locomotion paths via the reference model trajectories. Among various control techniques, two-degree-of-freedom simple servo adaptive control scheme possesses a prominent aspect in that it can control the systems to follow the desired reference model while the servo gain can be freely assigned to tune the disturbance rejection property independently. The simulations in applying the two-degree-of-freedom simple servo adaptive control scheme to control the SCARA robot are demonstrated to verify the applicability and effectiveness of this control technique. The effect of tuning the servo gain is also observed.

Keywords: SCARA, Simple servo adaptive control, Two-degreeof-freedom, DDR, Servo system.

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