Coupled Multi-field Analysis of Ground Reflector Antennas under Solar Radiation

P. Li, D. R. Xu and F. Zheng

Key Laboratory of Electronic Equipment Structure Design (Xidian University), Ministry of Education Xi’an, 710071, P.R. China


Structural deformation caused by solar radiation will affect the electrical properties of ground reflector antennas. For this problem, firstly, temperature field analysis formula of solar radiation is needed, with other two formulas of electromagnetic field and structure field, the multi-field coupled model of ground reflector antennas is obtained. Secondly, by using ANSYS software, we analyze the temperature and the structure deformation of antenna, electrical properties of antenna is calculated by far field patterns formula. At last, we apply the coupled model to a 40m reflect antenna, the results have important implications in engineering design of ground reflector antennas.

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