Implementation of a Vision-based Intelligent System in an Open Architecture Controlled Machine Tool

U. Surya Prabha1,a, A. Rishita1,b, R. Ramesh1,c and Poo Aun Neow2

1Department of Mechanical Engineering, MVGR College of Engineering Chintalavalasa, Vizianagaram, 535005, India.

2Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, 9 Engineering Drive 1, Singapore, 117576, Singapore.


Identification of optimum operating parameters on a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine is a non-trivial task especially when machining different materials wherein the parameters need to be suitably varied. The implementation of a vision system in a CNC machine as a support system for the operator can facilitate quick selection of operating parameters. Especially in a mixed model transfer line, automated selection of operating parameters according to product variety can greatly improve productivity of the line. Conventional CNC machines are not equipped to automatically meet such a requirement and usually involve the use of an external computing system which is generally difficult to implement in conventional production lines. In this paper an attempt has been made to develop a vision-based intelligent system to effect selection of operating conditions based on the raw material and integration of the same into the motion control routine through an open architecture controller.

Keywords: Material identification, Open architecture, Vision system, Parameter selection.

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