Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of a PWA Subject to Harsh Environment

J. F. Rena, M. H and ZH. J. Yan

Southwest China Institute of Electronic Technology, No.48, Chadianzi Street (east), Chengdu City, Sichuan Prov., China.


Followed by the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic equipment was widely used in our daily life. All of them may be subject to harsh mechanical environment. Such as drops random vibration and so on. Thus as the key component of electronic equipment, PWA was treated as the main object to be studied by researchers. In this paper the dynamic characteristics of a PWA, which was commonly used in electronic equipment and subject to harsh environment, was investigated by the way of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Experiment Modal Analysis (EMA). Also the FEA and EMA results were compared with each other. Then it was showed out that the minimum error was less than 1%. So the FEA results were correlated well with the EMA results and the FE model was validated. After that, how the dynamic characteristics of the PWA were influenced by the electrical connector and the chips was investigated respectively. In the end, two conclusions were summarized which can be used in the practical work. The two conclusions can be presented as both the modal shapes and frequency values of the PWA were influenced by the connector but only the frequency values of the PWA were influenced by the chips mounted on it.

Keywords: Vibration, PWA, Modal analysis, FEM, Electronic equipments, ANSYS.

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