Management Technology and Applications

Proceedings of the International Conference on

A. M. Rawani, National Institute of Technology, India
Chris Zhang, International Economics Development and Research Center, Hong Kong

Table of Contents

Corrosion Management for Effective Mitigation of Corrosion in Ships-overview
A. Mathiazhagan

A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach for Benchmarking of Safety Performance
G. S. Beriha, B. Patnaik and S. S. Mahapatra

A Markov Chain Grey Forecasting Model: A Case Study of Energy Demand of Industry Sector in Iran
A. Kazemi, M. Modarres, M. R. Mehregan, N. Neshat and A. Foroughi.A

A Hierarchical Fuzzy Linear Regression Model for Forecasting Agriculture Energy Demand: A Case Study of Iran
A. Kazemi, H. Shakouri.G, M. B. Menhaj, M. R. Mehregan and N. Neshat

A Multi-level Artificial Neural Network for Residential and Commercial Energy Demand Forecast: Iran Case Study
A. Kazemi, H. Shakouri.G, M. B. Menhaj, M. R. Mehregan and N. Neshat

A Lean Manufacturing Framework for the Malaysian Electrical and Electronics Industry
Yu Cheng Wong and Kuan Yew Wong

Aligning IT and Business Strategies Adopting an HOQ, a Case Study in a Large Scale Iranian Bank
Mohammd Abooyee Ardakan, Hanie Hatefian and Yasaman Gorji

International Interdisciplinary Research Network
Marie Mikušová

Small Enterprises vs. Crisis Management
Marie Mikušová

The Application of Talent Management at Human Resource Management in Organization
Petra Horváthová

Probabilistic Speaker Identification to a Con-continuous Text Independent Verbal Communication
C. Montenegro, H. Naparota, R. Costanilla and R. Rada

Susceptibiltity of Adhoc Protocols To Covert Channels (An Analysis and Countermeasures)
S. K. Indumathi and G. M. Kadhar Nawaz

A Structured Approach Based on AHP and Fuzzy Logic to Estimate Value of Industrial Assets
Raffaele Iannone, Salvatore Miranda, Stefano Riemma and Veronica Napoli

Service Delivery Strategy for Internal IT Service
Clara K. Wiguno

The Importance of Technology Diffusion in Malaysian Manufacturing SMEs
Murzidah Ahmad Murad and John Douglas Thomson

Sports Information Retrieval with Semantic Relationships of Ontology
Nwe Ni Aung and Thinn Thu Naing

Patent Regime in India —Challenges and Proposal for Reform
Ayyappan Palanissamy

Dealing with Human Issues throughout Systems Implementation: Guidelines from a Psychodynamic Perspective
Abbas Moshref Razavi and Rodina Ahmad

Artificial Chromosomes Embedded in Sub-population Gemetic Algorithm for a Multi-objective Scheduling Problems
Wang Yen-Wen, Wu Jen-Long and Lin Jong-Li

Alternative Models of the Relationships among Team Stressor, Team Creativity and New Product Development Performance
Cheng-Ling Tai

Integrating Qualitative Feature Selection for Semantic Image Classification with Support Vector Machine
Nutchanuna Chinpanthana

Extracting Data Region in Web Page by Removing Noise using DOM and Neural Network
Thanda Htwe, Nan Saing and Moon Kham

Scrutinizing The Cultural Orientation of Students in Higher Learning Institution Towards Knowledge Sharing Behaviour: UiTM Kedah, Malaysia
Mohd Zool Hilmie Mohamed Sawal, Ahmad Sufi Alawi Idris, Nor Azlina Azmi and Syed Mohammed Alhady Syed Ahmad Alhady

Technical Management Issues for Resolving the Cyber Crime
Ajeet Singh Poonia, G. S. Dangayach and Awadesh Bhardwaj

Cultural Effects on Information Organization and Presentation —A Case Study of American and Chinese On-line Shopping Portals
Michael C.S. Chang

Exploring the Role of Human Capital on Firm’s Structural Capital in Iranian E-business Industry
Morteza Namvar, Mohammad Fathian, Mohammad R. Gholamin and Peyman Akhavan

Organizational Learning to Sustain Lean Implementation in New Zealand Manufacturing Companies
Affandi Mohd-Zainal, Jane Goodyer and Nigel Grigg

Supply Chain Management —Is It Really Dead?
Tejendra Kalia

Analytical Study of Customer Satisfaction at ICICI Bank with special reference to ATMs
Manvinder Singh Pahwa and Karunesh Saxena

Dynamic Business Model Innovation: An Analytical Archetype
Arash Najmaei

An Optimal Transportation Routing Approach using GIS-based Dynamic Traffic Flows
Ammar Alazab, Sitalakshmi Venkatraman, Jemal Abawajy and Mamoun Alazab

The Practices of TQM Among MS: ISO 9000 Certified Company
Rohaizan Ramlan and P. Y. Tan

Designing a Balance Scorecard model for Procurement Performance Assessment in IOTC using TOPSIS
Amirhossein Abdolalipour, Morteza Shafiee and Zabihollah Rezaiee

Examining Acceptance of Information Technology: A Longitudinal Study of Iranian High School Teachers
Atefeh Ataran and Kolsum Nami

Providing Home-based Care Using Text Messaging
Karen Sowon and Reuben Marwanga

Evaluating Performance of the 37 Areas of N.I.O.P.D.C using a Mathematical Model
Morteza Shafiee and Mahdi Amirzadeh

Utilizing IT in Government: Strategic View to Digital Dashboards
Nastaran Aliy

Knowledge Engineering and Capitalization for Injection Mold Design
Suthep Butdee

Studies on Tourism Destination Governance from the Perspective of Institutional Economics: Retrospect and Prospect
Hanyu Zhang

Designing a Proper Organizational Chart for the Project-oriented Company through Studying its Conceptual and Structural Dimensions
Paivand Sepehri, Seyedreza Mousavi, Sabra Khajehnejad, Fatemeh Madani and Gholamhossein Moeindarbari

Motivation and Growth Theory as Nexus
Sachin Kumar Srivastava and Manoj Dixit

Economic Impact of Identity Theft in India: Lessons from Western Countries

The Influence of Trust and Commitment on Customer Relationship Management Performance in Mobile Phone Services
Samsudin Wahab, Jefry Elias, Khalid Al-Momani and Nor Azila Mohd Noor

Quality Measurement for Hospital Services
A. Solayappan, J. Jayakrishnan and S.Velmani

Knowledge Management in Indian IT Industries
Santwana Chaudhuri

Analysis of Collaborations between Small-Medium Companies and Universities Based on Joint Research Projects
Kazumasa Kawasaki

A Study on Work Related Stress and Work Family Issues Experienced by Women Software Professionals in Chennai
C. Madhavi and B. Vimala

The Just-in-time Production System from the Perspective of Manpower (The Case Study of Iran)
Mohammad Mousavi, Mojtaba Rafiee and Fahimeh Easy

The KPI Development Framework for ICTSQ Measurement
Rozi Nor Haizan Nor, Rose Alinda Alias and Azizah Abdul Rahman

Evaluating the Efficiency Changes of the Thermal Power Plants in Iran and Examining its Relation with Reform using DEA Model & Malmquist Index
Mirza Hassan Hosseini and Javad Hasanpour

Exploring Underlying Values of NFC Applications
Kerem Ok, Mehmet N. Aydin, Vedat Coskun and Busra Ozdenizci

Critical Thinking in the Workplace: Characteristics, and Some Assessment Tests
Mohammad Reza Noruzi and Jose G. Vargas Hernandez

A Research Agenda for International Human Resource Management: Challenges, Developments and Perspectives
Mohammad Reza Noruzi and Jonathan H. Westover

A Study of Partnerships in the Management Era
Mohammad Reza Noruzi and Jose G. Vargas Hernandez

A Note on Social Entrepreneurship: Scopes and Objectives
Mohammad Reza Noruzi and Jonathan H. Westover

A Study of Global Staffing Systems in Iranian Organizations
Mohammad Reza Noruzi and Jonathan H. Westover

A New Paradigm of Intelligence in the Organizational Era
Mohammad Reza Noruzi

Bundling and Convergence: Theoretical Market Analysis of a New Convergence Product
Misuk Lee, Youngsang Cho and Jongsu Lee

A Short Note on the Organizational Economics
Jose G. Vargas Hernandez and Mohammad Reza Noruz

How leaders Overturn organizational learning?
Rabia Kiran and M. Salman Shabbir

Identifying Factors of Consumer Perceived Risk towards Online Shopping in India
Suresh A. M. and Shashikala R.

Sustainable Education: An Assessment of Carbon Footprint at UCSI University and Proposed Green Campus Initiative Framework
Keoy Kay Hooi, Padzil Hassan and Nari Am Jami

Using Balance Score Card in Aligning Strategy Implementation According to Information Technology Development in Organization
Mohammad Abui Ardakan, Zohre Barzegar and Zahra Vahdat

Impact Of Mergers & Acquisitions On Job Security And Motivataion (A Case of Banking Employees of Pakistan)
Muhammad Naveed, Muhammad Naeem Hanif and Shahid Ali

Airfare Price Elasticity Over Non-business Passengers
Mahnoush Kouhpaei

Simulation of Timing Failure and Downtime of Production Line Applying Dynamic Systems
Manteghi Nikzad, Forougozar Hamed and Shafiee Morteza

Water Well SCADA System based on GPRS
Di Shuyu and Di Shumei

Technical Education in North Eastern India: Problems and Prospects
R. M. Pant

Studying the Influence of Learning Capability on Knowledge Acquisition
Farzad Movahedi Sobhani

Commercialization of Nanotechnology in Developing Countries
Roya Naseri and Reza Davoodi

A Study of Taiwanese College Studentsperception about Vietnam and Motivation for Traveling to Vietnam
Yi Fong Wang and Anh Quyen Le Thanh

Managerial Issues in Software Product Development
S. K. Nagarajan, Vanathi Vembar and K. Anandhan

Emotional Intelligence And Organisational Stress
Vanathi Vembar and S. K. Nagarajan

Survey of the relation of Customer Value with CRM function (Case study of Cement Factory of Hormozgan)
Manteghi Nikzad and Mahdi Barzkar

Some Necessaries of Knowledge Management in Project Based Firms
Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi

A Value-adding Process Using the Ontological Engineering Approach for an e-Learning System Design
Wei-Shuo Lo

Linking TQM and Financial Performance
Mostafa Moballeghi and Golnessa Galyani Moghaddam

Exploratory Studies on Online Grocery Shopping
Ali M. Noor, Zetty M. M. Zaini, Mohd Raziff Jamaluddin and Mohd Salehuddin Mohd Zahari

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