Table of Contents

Active Queue Management in Long Term Evolution All IP Networks
Swetha Indudhar Goudar and Suhaidi Hassan

Multi-Directional Patch Antenna Array
Abhijeet V. Bachate and Achala Deshmukh

A Hybrid SVM-NN Based Multilevel Classifier for Detecting Network Intrusions
Partha Ghosh, Nilabhra Roy Chowdhury and Dipjyoti Metia

A Survey Report on CryptDB
P. Srivani, S. Ramachandram and R. Sridevi

Image Denoising Based on Diffusion Wavlet, MLP-LMMSE Algorithm
Kapil Chaudhary, Narender Kumar and V. K. Saini

Enhanced Energy Efficient and Fault Tolerant Techniques for WSN Using Graded Reliance Management Technique
Poornima. G, Vinod, K. Suresh Babu, K. B. Raja, K. R. Venugopal and L. M. Patnaik

Enhanced Topology Aware Routing for WSN
Poornima. G, Irfana, K. Suresh Babu, K. B. Raja, K. R. Venugopal and L. M. Patnaik

Discretization Free Algorithm, Amoeba 0.33 for Association Rule Mining From Data Sets Having Continuous and Discrete Attributes
Sudhir Tirumalasetty, E. Sreenivasa Reddy and Naga Sri Harsha Mulugu

Flavours of Linux And its Intensive Comparison With Windows
Ramit Surana

Automatic Car Braking System Using Labview
Sunetra Banerjee and Patitapaban Mohapatra

Potential, Sizing and Cost Analysis For Small Hydro Power Plants
H. S. Sachdev and A. K. Akella

Hybrid Artificial Neural Networks Aided Conceptual Stage Design of Industrial Roof Trusses
Vinay Agrawal, Vinay Chandwani, Ravindra Nagar and Sarbjeet Singh

Performance Evaluation of TCHB Multilevel Inverter With Level-Shifted PWM Scheme
Sudheer Vinnakoti and Venkat Reddy Kota

SEAD: Source Encrypted Authentic Data for Wireless Sensor Networks
Lata B. T. , Vidya Rao, Sivasankari. H , Shaila. K, Venugopal. K. R and L. M. Patnaik

Turbulence Decay Analysis Using Differential Pressure Fluctuation Over Stilling Basins
Souvik Das, Soumabrata Dutta and Ankita Datta

Distributed QOS in Time Synchronized Mac Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
Kumaraswamy. M, Shaila. K , Tejaswi. V , Venugopal. K. R , S. S. Iyengar and L. M. Patnaik

Design and Fabrication of Multi-Purpose Wall Climbing Robot Platform
Hemanth Raj. N. K, Navaneeth Kumar, Vijay Shankar and Ganesha Udupa

Recent Biometric Trait: Finger Vein Acquisition System
Sujata Kulkarni, R. D. Raut and P. K. Dakhole

Design of Large RCC Water Tank Using Framed Structure
Sourabh Marakhwar and Nishant Bhatia

Role of Speed-Breakers in Controling Accidents---A Case Study
Ashish Garg and Hemant Sood

A Novel Rough Set Based Approach to Handle High Dimensional Datasets
Sabu. M. K and Leena C. Sekhar

Methods to Avoid Over-Fitting and Under-Fitting in Supervised Machine Learning (Comparative Study)
Haider Khalaf Jabbar and Rafiqul Zaman Khan

Genetic Algorithm for Wind Power Optimization
Pritam Dutta, Debanjan Ray and Priyanka Roy

Smart Stick For visually Impaired
Swathi Nayak and Kishore Kumar

Protection of LV Polyphase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Using MCU
J. Arockiya Xavier Prabhu

Strategies for Teaching Accelerated Courses in Engineering and Computing Programs
Alireza M. Farahani, Bhaskar R. Sinha, Haifei Tanner and Pradip P. Dey

A Survey on Machine to Machine Communication in LTE Advanced Technology
Rakshith. K and Mahesh Rao

A Comprehensive Survey of Digital Switching Methods & Techniques
Gunjan Thakur, Mrinal Sarvagya and Preeta Sharan

An Novel Approach of Five Hidden Layers Proportionality in Back Propagation Neural Network
Rakesh Kumar Bhujade, Amitkant Pandit, Naveen Hemrajani and Stuti Asthana

Role of Electrical Heat Tracing & Criticality in Design for Classified Area in a Plant
Mukesh Singhal

Short Distance Wireless Voice Communication Over Low Power Micro-Controller Systems Based on Zigbee
Raman Ratnakar Singh, Savita Shiwani and Isha Sharma

Application of ANN for Color Prediction System
Malathy Jawahar, R. Venba, Swarna V. Kanth and N. K. Chandra Babu

A New Quantum Genetic Block Cipher for Secure Data Transfer
Kalavathi Alla and B. Sai Jyothi

Embedded Web Server for Remote Access of Industrial Data Through WSN
Mohammed Ismail. B and Aaquib Junaid

A Touch Based Interface for Visually Impaired People
Vijaya Nilesh Kamble, Chandan Umbarje, Hardik Somaiya and Brijesh Shah