Speaker Name Ms. Sanchika Gupta and Mr. Gaurav Varshney
Title Implementing a Private Cloud Environment with the use of Open Nebula and Virtual Box


Sanchika Gupta is one of the researchers working in the area of Lightweight intrusion detection scheme for Cloud Computing Environment. She has completed her Master’s from Thapar University before joining IIT Roorkee as a Research Scholar. She is among the people who have deployed their own private Cloud set up at IIT Roorkee and using them for their work and analysis. She had also written Apps one of which is available in Google Web Store named S|PP|S for Securing people from online web frauds. She had attended many national and international conferences and has publications in many good journals as well.


Gaurav Varshney is as an Engineer at Qualcomm. He got his Master’s from IIT Roorkee in the area of Information security specifically Phishing Prevention Schemes. His research interest includes Email and Phishing Prevention Schemes with focus on Cyber frauds and Intelligence. His current research interests are on Security of Mobile devices. He has publications in Phishing prevention schemes, Threat Modeling, Network Analysis in leading Conferences and Journals.


The tutorial will give a detailed description of Cloud and its services and will provide a practical demo of how a private Cloud can be built with Open nebula and Virtual box. The description of Cloud and its security aspects with known attacks and vulnerabilities will also be briefed with the explanation of existing solutions for it. A remote desktop session will also be provided to the audience to see an already existing implementation of a private Cloud at the end of the tutorial. An Intrusion detection approach will also be discussed for securing cloud from file integrity, malwares and DDOS attacks.


Introduction to Cloud.

Describing Cloud and why it is needed and what services it provides.

Architecture of Cloud and what are the minimal resource needs for deployment of a private Cloud.

Introduction to Private Cloud using open nebula and virtual box

Introduction to Private Cloud Deployment with the use of Open Nebula with Virtual Box virtualization environment.

Design of private Cloud using Open Nebula and Virtual Box.

Implementation details

A step by step guide to implement a private Cloud.

Remote session to one of the implemented private Cloud using Open Nebula and Virtual Box

Discussion of Cloud Security Aspects

Cloud attacks and analysis.

Discussion of a Complete and Lightweight Intrusion Detection at Cloud.