Table of Contents

VlSI Architecture for SISO Equalizer:Implemented through Least Mean Square Algorithm
Samir Mishra
Brain tumor detection in brain MRI images, using SVM and ANN with Fuzzy C-Means segmented MRI images
Parveen Khan and Amritpal Singh
Forecasting the Revenue of a Data Center and Subsequent Production and Cost Analysis-A Holistic Quantitative Approach
Nandita Dwivedi and Avantika Dwivedi
Metric Based Performance Evaluation in Distributed Computer Networks
Kotapati Bhargavi
Study of Effect of the Om Signal on Human Brain & Reducing Nicotine Addiction by Om
Debolina Sarkar and Sangita Roy
An Efficient New Quick Sort Algorithm In Parallel Environment
Tarif Abbas
A Multi-Agent Model Based on Cloud Computing for Resource Virtualization
Sai Sree M.R. and Swathipriya C
Elimination of Wormhole Node In Manet: A New Detection Technique
Aashima Kataria
Hindi Morphological Generator based on Paradigm Approach
Indrajeet Khater, Adnan Ali, Subramaniam Kedarnath and Rajeswari Sridhar
Gesture and Voice based Automation for Remote Robot Control
Indrajeet Khater, Adnan Ali, Subramaniam Kedarnath and Arul Siromoney
Big Data Analytics: A Novel Approach to Data Veracity using Crowdsourcing Techniques
Bhoomika Agarwal and Abhiram Ravikumar
Intelligent Mining in Medical Image Databases
S P Dinesh, S Kannan, G Raghuraman and K L Shunmuganathan
The Problem of Normalization of Diversified Error-reporting in Software Diversity
Mohit Mishra
Firefly Algorithm for Solving Problems of Cryptography
Utkarsh Chaturvedi, Mohit Mishra and Ashutosh Jain
Face Recognition using Spherical Harmonics
Lalithamani Nithyanandham, Arunprasad P, Gowthamraj R, Guruprasad A and Logeshkumar D