Soil and Waste Treatment Using Biocement

Jian Chua, Volodymyr Ivanovb, Ming Fen Leec, Xiao-Ming Ohd and Jia Hee

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological Engineering, Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798.


Biocement is a new material that can be used to treat soil and waste in a way similar to ordinary cement. The mechanisms of this method is to use microbial process to strengthen soil or reduce the permeability of the soil. This new approach has the merit of both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Different typess of microorganisms that are able to exert biocement ation or bioclogging effect have been identified. These include iron-reducing bacteria, urease-producing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, and oligotrophic bacteria. For each type of microorganism, the biological process, cultivation procedure and cementation mechanism are briefly presented. The effectiveness of some of the treatment is also demonstrated.

Keywords: Boicement; microbial technology; soil improvement.

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