Keynote Papers

Design and Construction of Unusual and Complex Structures
J. Y. Richard Liew

Behavior and Design of Horizontally Curved Composite I-Girder Bridge Structural Systems: FHWA Research and AASHTO Design Provisions
Donald W. White

Unified Design of Steel, Concrete and Composite Structures by Direct Analysis
S. L. Chan

Design and Construction of High-rise Buildings –Why Concrete, not Steel?
Sang Dae Kim

National Stadium Roof Structure – Singapore Sports Hub
Mike King

Steel Construction for a Low Carbon Economy
Roger Plank

Tensile Membrane Action in Composite Floors Subjected to Fire
Jean-Marc Franssen

Fire Performance of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures in China: Test, Analysis and Design Approach
Lin-Hai Han

Steel-Concrete Composite Structures in Australia: Past, Present and Future
Brian Uy

Dr. NG Yiaw Heong