Fire Performance of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures in China: Test, Analysis and Design Approach

Professor Lin-Hai Han
Department of Civil Engineering
Tsinghua University, Beijing

Lin-Hai HAN is currently the head of Department of Civil Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. He has published 4 books, more than 100 refereed journal papers (including 100 international journal papers), and 60 refereed international conference papers. He is one of the outstanding Young Researchers awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He is consulted by the industry and government authorities on a wide range of structural engineering projects. He has played an important role in drafting several designing codes on steel-concrete composite structures in China. His current research interests include steel-concrete composite and mixed structures under different loadings, such as static, dynamic and fire. Prof. Han holds roles on the Editorial Board for the Elsevier Journal of Constructional Steel Research, the Techno-Press Steel and Composite Structures, the Hong Kong Institute of Steel Construction (HKISC) International Journal of Advanced Steel Construction, the Multi- Science Publishing Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, and four national journals in civil engineering in China.