Sessions and Mini-Symposia

IS1: Advances In Geotechnical Reliability-Based Design
Zijun Cao & Dian-Qing Li
IS2: Bayesian Method For Processing Geotechnical Data
Shadi Najjar
IS3: Bayesian Updating: Formalizing The Observational Method
Iason Papaioannou, Johan Spross & Daniel Straub
IS4: Dams, Levees And Flood Risk
Wim Kanning & Bryant Robbins
IS5: Effect Of Spatial Variability On Seismic Performance Of Soil And Rock And Associated Reliability
Armin Stuedlein & Taeho Bong
IS6: Engineering Risk Sensing By Monitoring And Inspection
Hongwei Huang & Shinichi Akutagawa
IS7: Inverse Analysis In Geotechnical Engineering
Shin-ichi Nishimura
IS8: Landslide Risk Assessment And Management
Limin Zhang
IS9: Modelling Spatial Variability In Geotechnical Engineering
Jinsong Huang & D.V. Griffiths
IS10: Numerical Techniques For Integrating The Spatial Variability Of Soil And Groundwater Parameters Into Designing And Environmental Management
Giovanna Vessia, Diego Di Curzio & Wojciech Pula
IS11: Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment And Engineering Seismology
J.P. Wang
IS12: Probabilistic Site Characterization
Yu Wang & Zijun Cao
IS13: Risk Assessment Of Rainfall-Induced Geo-Hazards
Lulu Zhang & Hong-Xing Chen
IS14: Robust Geotechnical Design In The Face Of Uncertainty
Wenping Gong, Lei Wang & Mengfeng Shen
IS15: Statistics For Soil & Rock Properties And Applications
Kok-Kwang Phoon & Marco Uzielli
IS16: Uncertainty & Reliability Analysis In Rock Engineering
Rafael Jimenez
MS1: Mini-Symposium On Performance-Based Design Codes & Practice, Honouring Prof. Yusuke Honjo
Takashi Hara & Yu Otake
MS2 Machine Learning For Big Data: Algorithms & Applications
Zhongqiang Liu & Zijun Cao
Memorial: Special Session In Honouring Of Late Professor T.H. Wu
Kok-Kwang Phoon & Hsein Juang
Case: Case Histories
Armin Stuedlein & Faraz Tehrani