Session Poster presentations
Venue Kintex Convention Centre

Internal Control Designed and Implemented on Simulated Sand Table
Lu Xiaohui and Zhan Ping

Online Game Dilema: Proposed Solution
Italumeh O. Ididi, Sa’Adah Hassan, Abdul Azim Abd Ghani and Norhayati Mohd Ali

A Runtime Authentication Technique to Prevent Illegal Distribution of Game Development Engine in Real-Time Networking Area
Janghee Cho, Yonggeun Kim and Kwangho Jung

Effect of Mobile Math Applications on Arithmetic Fluency of Underachieving Students in Math
Sunae Shin and Jungmin Kwon

Design of a Serious Game for Immersion Effects of the Positive and Negative Feedback
Green Bang, Bokyung Sung, Kyungmin Kim and Ilju Ko

Introduction of Game Programming with Python for Novice or Amateur Programmers
Junyoung Heo and Seukwon Kang

Effects on Adolescents’ Self-Esteem and Relationship with their Parents by the Cross-Cultural Education Program Based on Experiential Learning Theories: Focusing on Korean Game Science High School
Seongcheol Cho

A Mobile Signal Method for Embedded Device Using Screen Light
Hoyoung Hwang

‘Paldokang 3’: Development Of A Walking Game For The Elderly Using Kinect
Kyungsik Kim, Yoonjung Lee and Seongsuk Oh

Steering Forces for Group Movements of Pedestrians
Jun Min Park and Jae Moon Lee

The OMOS of a Multi-Control Interface Device for the Smart Tv Gaming Platform
Jung Kyu Joo and Jeong Jin Oh

A Study on Healing Games for the Disturbed
Byeonghoon Song

Monetary Simulation Application Helps Students with Intellectual Disabilities Conduct Monetary Transactions
Eunjin Lee and Jungmin Kwon

The Moderating Effect of Reference Group on Online Game Acceptance
SeungBae Park, JaeWon Hong, KyungYoung Ohk and TaeBok Yoon