Plenary Speaker

TitleEssential Elements of a Deeply Satisfying, Highly Engaging Educational Activity
SpeakerProf Johnmarshall Reeve
Education Department, Korea University in Seoul, South Korea

Educational activities vary in how able they are to motivate learners to engage in and benefit from them. Drawing on motivational theory and research, the present talk identifies the “inner motivational resources” all learners possess that, when vitalized by the learning activity, yield deep satisfaction and strong engagement. Knowing what these essential resources are (e.g., curiosity, interest, psychological needs, intrinsic goals), the design question becomes how to create learning activities that involve and support-rather than neglect and frustrate-these inner motivational resources. The talk is built around answering this “how to” question.

Prof Johnmarshall Reeve is a Professor in the Department of Education and a member of the Brain and Motivation Research Institute at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea, a position he has held since 2009. Before coming to Korea, Professor Reeve was a member of the faculty at the University of Iowa in the United States. His research interests revolve around the empirical study of (a) students’ motivation, emotion, and engagement, (b) teachers’ classroom motivating styles, and (c) the neural bases of educationally-relevant motivations. He has published 3 books, including Understanding motivation and emotion (6th ed.), and written over 60 journal articles and book chapters (each of which may be found at For his work, Professor Reeve has been invited to give keynote addresses in 12 different nations, including this year in Sweden, Portugal, Peru, Singapore, and the United States. He received the Thomas N. Urban Research Award from the FINE Foundation in the United States for “scientific research used to enhance educational practice”. He is Editor-in-Chief at the journal Motivation and Emotion.