Plenary Speaker

TitleThe Emergence and Development of Healthcare Serious Games in Korea
SpeakerDr. Jeongeun Kim, College of Nursing Seoul National University, Seoul Korea

Korea is one of the leaders of the Advanced Information & Communication Technology in Health IT. As a result, Ubiquitous Healthcare (u-Health), Mobile Healthcare (m-Health) and Smart Healthcare are being quickly adopted by healthcare professionals as they began to realize the possible benefits of adopting game technology and theory into their practice. Game-care holds a tremendous promise if its powers can be integrated into various relevant areas such as chronic disease management, if not all areas of healthcare. However, its concept is still in a nascent stage and requires further study and efforts. Recognizing this potential for improvement, the Ministry of Culture & Tourism had organized the Serious Game Forum among experts from various areas in 2008 that is now recognized as the first official event to promote the SG in productive and meaningful way for the social good. In my talk, I would like to share my experiences as well as the current status of healthcare serious game (HSG) development in Korean healthcare market, with a focus on u-Health and m-Health. Furthermore, I will discuss sample cases of HSG and MSG in Healthcare and how the lessons we learned from these past development are being applied to advance the field forward in Korea.

Dr Jeongeun Kim is a professor of College of Nursing Seoul National University, Seoul Korea where she gives lectures on Nursing Informatics/Consumer Health Informatics to the undergraduate class and graduate courses. Dr Kim also serves for the joint appointment of the Interdisciplinary Program of Medical Informatics, Seoul National University. She graduated from and took her doctorate at Seoul National University, and finished post doctoral fellowship at University of Utah College of Nursing for Clinical Informatics, Utah, USA. She used to be the Short Term Scholar at Brigham & Women’s Hospital Division of General Internal Medicine, and Research Fellow of Harvard Medical School, MA, USA. Her major research interests are Serious Games for Healthcare, Ubiquitous Health Information Technology and Patient Safety Solutions with Information Technology. She used to serve as the Secretary General of “International Congress on Nursing Informatics 2006” and the Korean Society of Medical Informatics. Recently Dr Kim had established the KOSMI Working Group for the Consumer Health Informatics and Games for Health Korea Forum. She owns and operates the Games for Health Korea Forum and Future Health Design Group on Facebook.