Table of Contents

Kurobane Lecture

Tubular Structures in Architecture
Mick Eekhout

1 – 20

Plenary Lectures

IIW Subcommision XV-E: 55 Years
Jaap Wardenier

21 – 37

On Welded and Grouted Connections in Offshore Tubular Steel Structures
Inge Lotsberg

38 – 45

Design and Execution of the Exhibition Hall 3 in Frankfurt Main Germany
Richard Stroetmann

46 – 53

Design and Construction of Large Span Tubular Structures
J Y Richard Liew

Shortlisted "Young Researcher Award" Papers

Concrete-Filled Double-Skin Steel Tubes: Confinement-Based Research and Application
Wei Li

54 – 62

Effect of Chord Length and Boundary Conditions on Welds in CHS X-Joints
Kyle Tousignant

63 – 70

Extending the Frontiers of Failure Assessment Protocol for Welded Tubular Joints
Tianyao Liu

71 – 78

Numerical Study of Full-Width, RHS-to-RHS, X-Connections Under Transverse Compression
Jens Kuhn

79 – 86

Structural Performance of High Strength Concrete-Filled Square Steel Tube Columns Under Combined Compression and Bending
Han Fang

87 – 94

Testing, Numerical Analysis and Design of High Strength Steel RHS X-Joints
Xiaoyi Lan

95 – 102

Additive Manufacturing, Casting, Welding and Cutting

Generating Node Structures by Additive Manufacturing with Metal Arc Welding – Concept, Geometry, Material Properties
Jörg Müglitz, Carsten Teichgräber and Falk Häschel

103 – 110

Laser Tube Cutting - Throat and Stress Distribution in CHS-to-CHS Joints Welded by Partial Joint Penetration (PJP) According to EN9692, AS/NZS1554 and AWS-d1.1
Augusto Mastropasqua, Luca Sportelli, Sergio Raso and Claudio Duarte

111 – 118

Material Properties of Structrual Casting Steel in Connections
Xianzhong Zhao, Shuang Qiu, Molei Liu and Aihui Wu

119 – 126

Numerical Study on the Influence of Welding on S690Q High Strenght Steel Butt Joints
Cheng Chen, Sing-ping Chiew, Ming-shan Zhao, Chi-king Lee and Tat-ching Fung

127 – 134

Testing of Wire and ARC Additively Manufactured Tubular Sections
Leroy Gardner, Pinelopi Kyvelou and Craig Buchanan

135 – 142


Analysis of the Effect of Ambient Temperature on the Behavior of a Boxed Arch Rib
Borong Wang, Jing Gao, Cheng Luo and Jinfeng Li

143 – 149

Application of Pre-Stressing Techniques to Large Span Girders Consisting of Steel Tubes
Pan Peng, Wang Haishen and Renjunyu

150 – 155

High Strength Steels For Arctic Conditions
Stefan Herion and Daniel Strötgen

156 – 163

Non-Linear Analysis Approach for Topsides Platform Skidded Loadout
Hendra Kusuma, Luhmade Kusumadewi and Nagesh Khedekar

164 – 171

Optimization of a Transfer Carriage Along Crane Girders
V. Škorić, J.-F. Demonceau, J.-P. Jaspart, K. Weynand and O. Pensis

172 – 180

Submarine HDPE Pipeline with Large length and Diameter
Yongli Qiao, Linhu Xue

181 – 182

Trunnion Design of Topsides Platform to Serve Dual-Purpose of Lifting Aid And Support for Flare Top Chord
Choo Fu Hsien and Milind Salunke

183 – 190

Composite Members and Joints

CHS T-Joints Strenghened with External Stiffeners under Brace Axial Tension
Yunan Ding, Lei Zhu, Yu Bai and Hailin Sun

191 – 198

Development and Technical Innovation of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridges
Xing Wei, Lin Xiao and Yadong Li

199 – 206

Experimental and numerical study on concreteencased concrete-filled steel tube (CECFST) short columns under axial load with bending moment
You-Xin Ma, Ou Zhao and Kang Hai Tan

207 – 214

Experimental Investigation on Stress Concentration of CFRP-Strengthened CHS gap K-Joints
Lewei Tong, Guowen Xu and Xiao-ling Zhao

215 – 222

Experimental study of square and rectangular concrete filled stainless steel tube stub columns under partial compression
An He, Yating Liang and Ou Zhao

223 – 230

Investigations on the Global Stability of High Strength Concrete Sandwiched Square Double Steel Tubular Columns
Mashudha Sulthana U. and Arul Jayachandran

231 – 238

Nonlinear Responses of K-Braced Structures With Reinforcement of Critical Joints Through Internal Grouting
Wei Zhang and Yoo Sang Choo

239 – 246

Normal and High Strength Concrete-Filled Steel Box Columns Under Axial Compression
Duc-Duy Pham, Phu-Cuong Nguyen, Hoang-An Le, Minh-Hoang Le, My Ngoc-TRA Lam and Phong Thanh Nguyen

247 – 254

Fatigue and Fracture

Brittle Fracture Prediction with the Weibull Stress Approach for Notched Specimens under Cyclic Loading
Tsutomu Iwashita and Koji Azuma

255 – 262

Experimental Investigation on Welded S700 High Strength Steel Tubular X-Joints Under Low-cycle Fatigue Loading
Konstantinos Chatziioannou, Spyros A. Karamanos and Yuner Huang

263 – 267

Failure Assessment for Pipes with Coplanar Cracks Under Internal Pressure and Axial Tension
Teik Tian Seah and Xudong Qian

268 – 275

Fatigue Design of Circular Hollow Section K-Joints with Gap
Jennifer Hrabowski and Stefan Herion

276 – 283

Fatigue Strength of Welded Tublar T-Joints Made of Ferritic Stainless Steel in As-Welded and Post-weld Treated Condition
Matti Koskimäki, Niko Tuominen, Antti Ahola and Timo Björk

284 – 291

Feaslibility of Wrapped FRP Circular Hollow Section Joints
Pei He and Marko Pavlovic

292 – 299

Hot Spot Stress and Fatigue Performance of Bird-Beak SHS X-joint Under Brace in-plane Bending
Bin Cheng, Fenghua Huang, Chen Li and Xiaoling Zhao

300 – 307

Reliable Approach for Transportation Fatigue Assessment of Fixed Platform Topsides using Fully Integrated Model based on Spectral Fatigue Analysis
Milind M Salunke, Hwang Oeju and Hendra Kusuma

308 – 315

Fire Resistance

Beavior of Square Stainless Steel Columns AFTER Elevated Temperature
Xiaoyong Zhang, Yu Chen and Xiaosheng Shen

316 – 321

Behavior of Partially Damaged Concrete-Filled Double Skin Tubular Stub Columns Under Fire
Amin Heidarpour and Xiao-ling Zhao

322 – 329

Experimental Study on Tubular Steel T-Joints Under Fire Conditions
Jolanta Baczkiewicz, Mikko Malaska, Sami Pajunen, Mika Alanen and Markku Heinisuo

330 – 335

Fire Performance of CFRP Strengthened and Insulated Square Hollow Section Columns
Mohamed Imran and Mahen Mahendran

336 – 343

Non-Linear Assessment of Offshore Structures Exposed to Fire
Alexander Elpianto Kajuputra, Milind Salunke and Fuhsien Choo

344 – 350

Resistance of Welded Tubular T- and X-joints Made of High Strength Steel at Elevated Temperatures
Emre Ozyurt and Yong C. Wang

351 – 358

Transient Stress-Strain Curves of Ultra-High Strength Steel Tubes at High Temperatures Incorporating Thermal Creep Effects
Mohammad amin Farmani, Zijing lei, Amin Heidarpour and Xiao-ling Zhao

359 – 365

High-Strength Steel Joints

Axially Loaded Joints of CHS in HSS
Oliver Fleischer and Stefan Herion

366 – 373

Chord Stress Effect in High-Strenght Steel Tubular X-Joints
Seon-hu Kim, Cheol-ho Lee and Dong-jin Shin

374 – 381

Numerical Investigation on Hollow Section N-Joints made of High Strength Steels
Philipp Ladendorf and Thomas Ummenhofer

382 – 389

Properties and Design of Welded Joints of High-strength Steels
Richard M. Stroetmann and Thoralf Kästner

390 – 397

Welded joints of Rectangular Hollow Section Made of High Strenght Steel(HSS)
Haohui Xin, Prishilla Kisoensingh and Milan Veljkovic

398 – 405

Seismic and Dynamic Resistance

Enhancement of Steel Tube Brace Behavior Under Cyclic Loads
Malcolm Ammons and Jason Mccormick

406 – 413

Numerical Study on the Lateral Impact Response of PCFST Columns Under Axial Pressure
A.Z. Zhu, J.W. Li, W. XU, F. Gao, X.H. Long and Y. Miao

414 – 421

Relaxing Current Ductility Requirements in Tube-Based Seismic Moment Frames
Christian A. Flores Carreras and Jason P. McCormick

422 – 429

Response of Seismically Isolated Cylindrical Latticed Shell with HDR Under Spatially Varying Earthquake Ground Motions
Mingyue Shan, Shaodong Shen and Peng Pan

430 – 437

Vibration Analysis for Gas Turbine Generator Foundations
Suhaini Nesa Ahmat and Salunke Milind

438 – 445

Tubular Members

Compression Design of Hollow Cold-Formed High Strength Steel Sections
Anup Kc and Fatemeh Javidan

446 – 455

Design of Perforated Cold-Formed Steel Tubular Stub Columns – DSM Approach
Tekcham Gishan Singh and Konjengbam Darunkumar Singh

456 – 463

Eccentric Compressive Strength of High Strength Steel Octagonal Tube Stub Columns
Han Fang, Tak-ming Chan and Ben Young

464 – 471

Effect of Geometric Parameters on Torsional Behaviour of Lean Duplex Stainless Steel Semi-Elliptical Hollow Section Members
Sanasam Vipej Devi and Konjengbam Darunkumar Singh

472 – 479

FEM-Based Design of Hollow Sections Against Local, Global and Interactive Buckling – Model Verification and Calibration Against Physical Tests
Andrea Toffolon, Igor Niko and Andreas Taras

480 – 487

Imperfection Evaluation Methods of Large Scale Spiral-Welded Tubes Based on Experimental Tests and Progressive Reverse Engineering Procedures
Andreas Müller Till Töpperwien and Andreas Taras

488 – 495

Improved Structural Design Rules for Circular Hollow Sections
Xin Meng and Leroy Gardner

496 – 503

Lateral Torsional Buckling Behaviour of Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) with Circular Web Openings
Isaak Badyari, Harrison Black, Tim Wilkinson and Faham Tahmasebinia

504 – 511

Local Buckling Behaviour of Rectangular Hollow Section under Combined Bending and Shear
Yaoyue Tang, Yong King Yau, Tim Wilkinson and Faham Tahmasebinia

512 – 519

Mechanical Properties of Galvanized and Heat-Treated RHS
Min Sun and Zhengyuan Ma

520 – 527

Performance of Concrete-Encased Concrete-Filled Steel Tube (CECFST) Short Columns Under Biaxial Eccentric Compression-An Experimental Study
You-Xin Ma, Kang Hai Tan, Ou Zhao

528 – 534

Proposal of Generalized Slenderness-Based Resistance Curves for the Local and Interactive Buckling of Rectangular Hollow Sections
Andrea Toffolon and Andreas Taras

535 – 542

Tubular Joints

CEN Technical Specification for Design of Hollow Section Joints According to the Component Method
Jaspart Jean-Pierre, Weynand Klaus and Demonceau Jean-François

543 – 549

Design of Fillet Welds in CHS Joints for the Brace Capacity
Kyle Tousignant and Jeffrey A. Packer

550 – 557

Experimental Investigation OF SHS T Joints Reinforced with Sidewall Plates
Nathann Gomes, Luciano Lima, Pedro Vellasco, Luis Costa-neves, André Tenchini and Monique Rodrigues

558 – 565

Experimental Study of Laterally Offset RHS X-Connections
Fei Wei and Jeffrey A. Packer

566 – 573

Finite Element Analysis of the Cyclic Behavior of Circular Tubular Braces
Kenji Matsushita, Daiki Iwata and Kenshi Ochi

574 – 581

Identification of GTN Damage Parameters as a Surrogate Model For S355
Rui Yan, Haohui Xin and Milan Veljkovic

582 – 589

Influence of Fillet Welds on Structural Behavior of RHS T joints
Maria Bronzova, Marsel Garifullin and Kristo Mela

590 – 597

Numerical Study of Chord end Distance Effect on RHS X-Connections
Xiao-ding Bu and Jeffrey A. Packer

598 – 605

Reinforcing Corroded CHS Joints with Hybrid FRP-UHPC Cover
Hongfei Chang, Wenkang Zuo, Zhen Guo and Lvyuan Zhou

606 – 610

Static Behavior of CHS-to-RHS K/KK-Joints with Welded Section Chord
Shuang Qiu, Xianzhong Zhao, Shanshan Han and Yiyi Chen

611 – 618

Stiffness Assessment of Bolted Beam-to-Tubular Column Joints Through Modal Data
Miguel A. Serrano-Lopez, Marta García-Diéguez, Jose L. Zapico-valle, Carlos Lopez-colina and Miguel Lozano

619 – 626

Tests of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel CHS-to-SHS Hybrid Tubular Joints
Ran Feng and Yuexin Liu

627 – 634

Tests on Beam to CFT-RHS Column Connections Applying Slip-Critical Blind Bolts
Weifeng Jiao, Yiyi Chen and Wei Wang

635 – 642

Towards Establishing a Design Resistance for Hollow Section Joints
Martin Kožich, Petr Jehlička, František Wald, Xiao-Ding Bu, Jeffrey A. Packer and Jaromír Kabeláč

643 – 650

Static And Seismic Behaviour Of Stainless Steel Wuf-B Joints
Yidu Bu, Yuanqing Wang, Xueliang Qiao and Tianxiong Zhang

651 – 658

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