Technical Papers

Keynote 1

Mechanistic-Empirical Design of Pavements: Past Development, Current Challenges and Future Prospects
Kumares C. Sinha and Samuel Labi

Keynote 2

Pavement and Mix Design in Europe and Automated Survey Challenges
Paulo Pereira


Ageing Behaviour of Energy Reduced Pavement
Christiane Raab, Ingrid Camargo and Manfred N. Partl


3D Paving Experience at the National Corvette Museum
Todd Mansell


Recycling of Scrap Tires for Use in Asphalt Concrete in Singapore
Nyok Yong Ho, Kelvin Yang Pin Lee and Moe Aung Lwin


Rejuvenating Aged Bitumen With Composite Castor Oil
Pratik Nayak and Umesh Chandra Sahoo


Compartmented Alginate Fibres as a Healing Agent (Rejuvenator) Delivery System and Reinforcement for Asphalt Pavemnets
Amir Tabaković, Wouter Post, Santiago J. Garcia and Erik Schlangen


Evaluation of Pulverized Non Metallic Fraction of Printed Circuit Boards in Pavement Quality Concrete
Dinesh Ganvir, Pranshul Jain, Sangita and Vandana Tare


The Development of Structural Design Method of Composite Pavement in Japan
Takayuki Kazato, Keizo Kamiya and Shigeki Takahashi


Importance of Consistent Accuracy of Geometric Analysis Based on Survey Vehicles
D.J. Swan and Monty Cliff


Airfield Pavement Design for a Major Airport Using Faarfield and Apsds
Gary Chai, Leigh Wardle and Michael Haydon


Benefits of Lime and Foam Bitumen Stabilisation
Jothi Ramanujam, Damian Volker and Mey Sok


Predicting the In-Field Skid Resistance Evolution From Laboratory Polishing Tests – Case Study in New Zealand
Adelia D. Nataadmadja, Douglas J. Wilson, Seosamh B. Costello and Minh T. Do


Improvement on Aggregate Gradation Design and Evaluation of Rutting Performance of Vietnamese Wearing Course Mixtures
Tran Thanh Nhat and Osamu Takahashi


Field Cracking Performance of Airfield Rigid Pavements
Yusuf Mehta, Douglas Cleary and Ayman W. Ali


The Use of Recycled Open Graded Porous Asphalt in High Performance Surfacing Mixes for High Volume Roads
Irina Holleran, Douglas Wilson, Lubinda Walubita and Glynn Holleran


Manufacture and Laboratory Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Containing Pumice Capsules Filled by Oils
Iman Haryanto, Agus Kurniawan and Heru Budi Utomo


Compaction Characteristics and Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt
Ambika Behl and Satish Chandra


Microstructure of Warm Mix Asphalt Binder Exposed to UV Light and Heat
Ilaria Menapace, Eyad Masad and Mohammed Sadeq


Towards a New Mix Design Method for Asphalt Mixtures Containing Rap
Sara Bressi, André-Gilles Dumont, Nicolas Bueche and Gaetano Di Mino


Sensitive Analysis of Composite Pavement for Cargo Port or Container Terminal Area
Makara Rith, Seok Hee Hwang, Beom Jun Chon and Seung Woo Lee


Performance and Environmental Aspects of Preservative Treatments on Highway and Airfield Asphalt Surfacing
Iswandaru Widyatmoko


Application of In-Situ Mixing Hydration Accelerator on Polymer-Modified Concrete for Bonded Concrete Overlay
Young Kyu Kim, Seong Jae Hong, Seung Woo Lee


Development of a Model for Equivalent Axle Load Factors
Jorge Pais and Paulo Pereira


The Effect of Traffic Overloads on Road Pavements
Jorge Pais and Paulo Pereira


Developing Sustainable Practices to Ensure There is Sufficient High Quality Aggregate in the Future: A Canadian Case Study
Susan Tighe and Hassan Baaj


Future of Management Systems: Innovative Key Performance Indicators and Analysis of Data
Gulfam Jannat, Theuns Henning, Susan Tighe and Ningyuan Li


Innovative Rehabilitation Techniques for Asphalt Roadways
Baris Salman, Ossama Salem and Danielle T. Garguilo


Assessment of Traffic Emission Impacts Due to Rigid Pavement Rehabilitation Activities
Sudipta Ghorai, Ossama Salem and Baris Salman


Distress Based Pavement Performance Prediction Models
Maher Mahmood, Mujib Rahman and Senthan Mathavan


Improving the Performance of Recycled Asphalt Mixes Using Rejuvenation Additives
Sachi Kodippily, Glynn Holleran and Theunis FP. Henning


Correlating Dynamic Cone Penetrometer and Laboratory Resilient Modulus of Subgrade
Md Mehedi Hasan, Md Rashadul Islam and Rafiqul A. Tarefder


The Effect of Increasing Compaction Temperature on Cold Paving Hot Mix Asbuton (CPHMA) Performance
Ludfi Djakfar, Hendi Bowoputro, Frigi Firstyan and Gabriel Bagus


Comparison Between Resilient Modulus and Dynamic Modulus of AC-BC Mixture Using RAP Material
Bambang Sugeng Subagio, Edwin Nirwan and Harmein Rahman


Relating Quality of Construction to Performance of Foamed Asphalt Mixes for Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements
Pankaj Rawat, M. K. Nivedya, Rajib B. Mallick and A. Veeraragavan


Pavement Rehabilitation with Asphalt Reinforcement. Confirmation of a Design Method by Empirical Testing
Daniel Hilpert, Andreas Elsing, Graham Thomson


Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement at Airport Using Seismic Technique
Norfarah Nadia Ismail, Nur Izzi Md. Yusoff, Khairul Anuar Mohd Nayan, Amiruddin Ismail, Norinah Abd Rahman and Muhammad Mubaraki


The Application of Data Envelopment Analysis for Benchmarking Road Maintenance in New Zealand: An Exploratory Study
Harish Shivaramu, Seosamh B. Costello and Theunis F. P. Henning


Investigation on the Combined Effect of Lateral Offset and Transverse Profile Shape on Rut Depth Measurement Accuracy
Di Wang, Augusto Cannone Falchetto, Matthias Goeke, Michael Wistuba and Yichang (James) Tsai


Measurement of Road Surface Characteristics in Germany and its Potential
Tanja Altemeier and Ulrike Stoeckert


Assessment of Different Genetic Algorithms for Pavement Management Systems
André V. Moreira, Joel R. M. Oliveira, Lino Costa and Tien F. Fwa


Issues and Perspectives in the Application of Different Pavement Design Methods to Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Filippo G. Praticò, Silvia Noto and Armando Astolfi


Three-Year Investigation on Hot and Cold Mixes With Rubber
Filippo G. Praticò, Antonino Moro, Silvia Noto and Giuseppe Colicchio


Cement-Flyash Stabilisation of Granular Lateritic Soil for Use in Flexible Pavement
Dipti Ranjan Biswal, Suresh Ranjan Dash and Umesh Chandra Sahoo


Rutting Performance Evaluation of Crumb Rubber Modified Binders Using Advanced Rheological Test Parameters
Veena Venudharan and Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri


Pavement Performance Model for PMGSY Roads in India
S. B. Praveen, V. Sunitha, Samson Mathew and A. Veeraragavan


Subsurface Drainage Influence on Deflection Basin Parameters: Case Study in São Paulo, Brazil
Caio Rubens Santos, Carlos Yukio Suzuki, Rita Moura Fortes, Angela Martins Azevedo, Flaviane Melo Lopes Vallejo and Gustavo José Machado Consoni


Rheological Properties of Tire Rubber Using Dynamic Shear Rheometer for FEM Tire-Pavement Interaction Studies
Amou Zegard, Farhad Helmand, Tianchi Tang , Kumar Anupam and Athanasios Scarpas


Experimental Investigation of Asphalt Mixture Containing Linz-Donawitz (LD) Steel Slag
Jens Grönniger, Ivan Isailović, Augusto Cannone Falchetto and Michael P. Wistuba


Fundamental Study for Development of Pre-Heater Used in Warm In-Place Recycling by Laboratory and Field Tests
Jeong Hyuk Im, Kyudong Jeong, Soo-Ahn Kwon , Yongjoo Kim and Jinwook Lee


Development of a New Methodology to Investigate Fracture Performance of Asphalt Mixtures Using Semicircular Bending Test
Gourab Saha and Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri


Evaluation of Thermal Stress Based on Analytical and Approximate Interconversion Techniques for Forensic Control
Augusto Cannone Falchetto, Michael Wistuba, Ki Hoon Moon and Oh Sun Kwon


Image Analyses and Neural Network Applications in Pervious Concrete
Anush K. Chandrappa and Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri


A Probabilistic Approach for Asphaltic Pavements Design in Brazil
Caio Rubens Santos, Carlos Yukio Suzuki and Liedi Legi Bariani Bernucci


Performance and Development of Resilient Modulus and Fatigue Life Predictive Model of Warm Mix Asphalt Concrete Binder Course (AC-BC) Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)
Bambang Sugeng Subagio, Indra Maha, Furqon Affandi and Harmein Rahman


Estimation of the High Temperature Properties of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Binder Without Extraction
Chiara Riccardi, Augusto Cannone Falchetto, Massimo Losa and Michael Wistuba


Aggregate Polish Value and its Consideration in Skid Prediction Models Developed in Argentina
Marta Pagola, Oscar Giovanon


Urban Pavement Maintenance Management System for Tiruchirapalli City
K. R. Karthik, V. U. Rejani, V. Sunitha, Samson Mathew and A. Veeraragavan


Durability of Wearing Courses Made with Steelworks Slag
Bruno Crisman, Giulio Ossich and Roberto Roberti


Development of Probability-Based Pavement Performance Curves for Pavement Management Systems
Carlos M. Chang and Rafael A. Ramirez-Flores


Production of Asphalt Pavements Using a Recovery Product of Steelworks Slag
Paolo Bevilacqua, Bruno Crisman, Lorenzo De Lorenzi and Andrea Guidolin


Thermal Segregation of Asphalt Material in Road Repair
Juliana Byzyka, Mujib Rahman and Denis Albert Chamberlain


Pavement Performance Prediction and Estimation of Service Life in the Presence of Censored Condition Data
Valentin Donev and Markus Hoffmann


Methods for Selection of Optimal Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategies at Single-Section and Network Level
Markus Hoffmann and Valentin Donev


Case Study on Premature Cracking of an Asphalt Pavement with Resin Bonded Coating
Sara Fernandes, Hugo Silva, Joel Oliveira, Carlos Palha and Paulo Pereira


Study on Quality Improvement of Recycled Asphalt Pavement
Katsura Endo, Norihiro Tachibana and Makoto Ando


Consideration of the Combined Effects of Water Intrusion and Drainage in the Modeling of Tire/Road Friction
Minh-Tan Do and Veronique Cerezo


Sustainable Construction - Perpetual Highway Pavement in Hong Kong
Gordon Lm Leung, Alan WG Wong and Sizeng You


A Sustainability Evaluation of Hot-In-Place Asphalt Recycling Technique
Hasan Ozer, Punit Singhvi, Rebekah Yang, Imad L. AL-Qadi and Ibrahim Abuawad


Viscoelastic Pavement Modeling With a Spreadsheet
Eyal Levenberg


“Road Use Phase” Environmental Indicator for Sustainable Pavement Management System
Shafiq Alam and Arun Kumar


Innovative Technologies in Road Sector
Pardeep Kumar Oad, Arun Kumar and Stephen Kajewski


Development and Evaluation of Sulphur Modified Bitumen Binder
Mahabir Panda, Jhunarani Ojha and Siddharth Purohit


Research on High Modulus Asphalt Concrete Performance With High Content of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)
Lei Geng, Yongsheng Guan, Yongli Zhao, Sulong Zhang and Wen Zhou


Research on the Application of Cold Mix Resin in the Maintenance of Epoxy Asphalt Steel Bridge Deck Pavement
Youqiang Pan, Hui Zhang, Di Li and Zhixiang Zhang


Typical Applications of the Semi-Rigid Pavement
Yanli Zhang and Dong Qing Wu


Laboratory Evaluations of Various Open-For-Traffic Pavement Temperatures in Conjunction with Wheel-Tracking Rutting Device
Sunn-Jer Hwang, Ming-Ze Hong and Yu-Min Su


Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation by Using a High Modulus Polyester Grid as Asphalt Reinforcement
Fabiana Leite-Gembus, Graham Thomson and Cássio Alberto Teoro Do Carmo


Front End Decision Making for Road Projects- A Sustainability Framework
Angela Reidy, Arun Kumar and Stephen Kajewski


Bacillus cereus in Acrylic Coated Membrane as Concrete Crack Repair Agent for Self-Healing Process
Agus Kurniawan, Iman Haryanto and Heru Budi Utomo


The Possibility of Using Steel Slag for Pavement Structure Application in Vietnam
My Lam, Saravut Jaritngam, Kiattisak Wongsopanakul, Pichai Taneerananon


The Potential Use of Pavement Recycling Blending with Stone Dust in Road Construction
Saravut Jaritngam, Opas Somchainuek and Pichai Taneerananon


Durability Assessment of Dense-Graded Asphalt Incorporating Electric Arc Furnace Steel Slag and Copper Mine Tailings
Ebenezer Akin Oluwasola, Mohd Rosli Hainin and Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz


Applicability of Concept of Perpetual Pavement to Airport Pavements
Yoshitaka Hachiya, Osamu Takahashi, Hideo Ooki and Masahiro Kanno


Diamond grinding or grooving a concrete pavement? Achieving the 4S’s in the 21st Century. A contractor’s experience in Australia
Dominic O’Brien


The Engineering Properties of the Fine Fraction of Marginal New Zealand Greywacke Aggregates
Wentao Li, Douglas Wilson, Tam Larkin and Philippa Black


Characterization of Surface Roughness on Municipal Pavements
Kazuya Tomiyama, Nueraihemaitijiang Abulizi and Akira Kawamura


Modeling of Asphalt Pavement Rutting for LTPP Southern Region Using Multiple Linear Regression Method
Zul Fahmi Mohamed Jaafar and Waheed Uddin


Field Implementation and Performance of Coir Geotextiles Reinforced Roads
Chetan R. Bhole, V. Sunitha, Samson Matew and S. Moses Santhakumar


Engineering Properties of Cold-Mix Porous Asphalt Concrete
Min-Chih Liao and Yen-Yu Lin


Assessment of Energy Consumption of Road Due to Rolling Resistance
Veronique Cerezo, Michel Dauvergne, Arthur Delfosse and Emmanuel Vinot


New Automated Cracking Analysis System Based on Crack Connectivity and Direction Indices
Jungyong “Joe” Kim, Haena Kim and Hosin “David” Lee


Evaluation of Additives for Characterizing Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Mixtures in Puerto Rico
Benjamín Colucci and Freddie Salado


Effect of Sulfur on Engineering Properties of Polymer-Modified Asphalt
Jian-Shiuh Chen, Han-Chang Ho, Yuh-Shin Chen, Wen-Cheng Chang and Ching-Yuan Hou


Pavement Roughness Evaluation Method for Low Volume Roads
Deshan Gamage, H. R. Pasindu and Saman Bandara


Monitoring Pavement Responses Throughout its Life Cycle Using Heavy Vehicle Simulator
Gerardo Flintsch, Freddie Salado and Wenjing Xue


3-D Laser Data Collection and Analysis for Road Surface Texture
Humaira Zahir, Shuvo Islam, Rick Miller and Mustaque Hossain


Cracking Potential of Recycled Superpave Mixtures With RAP and RAS
Masoumeh Tavakol, Mustaque Hossain and Blair Hepting


Use of Excavated Sedimentary Rock for Road Resurfacing
Yin Fong Leong, Chin Chong Yoong, Than Than Nyunt, Cherlyn Leong and Weide Zhang


New Attempts for Performance Evaluation of Nano-Volcanic Ash Modified Asphalt Pavement Material
Xu Liu, Wanqiu Liu, Shuyin Wang, Zheren Wang and Jingyun Chen


Non-Constant Thresholds for Optimal Scheduling of Pavement Rehabilitation
Jackeline Murillo-Hoyos, Samuel Labi


Safety Impacts of Pavement Rehabitation at Multi-Lane Highways
Sikai Chen, Tariq Uman Saeed, Saeed D.Al-Qadhi , Samuel labi and Kumares C. Sinha


Impact of Initial (Pre-Rehabilitation) Condition on Pavement Rehabilitation Cost
Jackeline Murillo-Hoyos, Tariq Usman Saeed, Di Zhang and Samuel Labi


Measurement of Pavement Rehabilitation Effectiveness: Constructs and Comparison of Current Findings to Existing Literature
Saeed Alqadhi, Jackeline Murillo Hoyos, Yu Qiao and Samuel Labi


Multi-Dimensional Characterization of Scale Economies in Pavement Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Costs
Trevor Klatko, Bismark Agbelie and Samuel Labi


Macro-Texture and Acoustic Performance Characterization of Concrete Pavements with Various Types of Surface Textures
Zhen Leng and Dawei Wang


Inspection Method of Pavement Structure Capacity for Utility Cuts
Yi-Chun Lin, Chia-Pei Chou and Ai-Chin Chen


Evaluating Pavement Roughness Based on Smartphone Built-In Sensors and Accelarometer
Po-Kai Ku, Chia-Pei Chou and Ai-Chin Chen


Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Concrete and Asphalt Pavements in Taiwan Freeway Network: A Case Study
Chang-Jun Hsieh, Chia-Pei Chou and Ai-Chin Chen


Laboratory and In-Situ Assessment on Construction Emissions of Asphalt Pavements
Shiying Lin and Wingtat Hung


The Effects of Using Waste Cooking Oil as a Rejuvenator on the Properties of Naturally Aged Asphalt Binders
Yin Sheng, Yuhong Wang and Kecheng Zhao


Structured Management of Airfield Pavements Using Effective Tools
Kars Drenth, Feng Hua Ju and Jun Yew Tan


Developing a Framework for an Efficacious Highway Asset Management System in Pakistan
Muhammad Irfan, Sarfraz Ahmed and Samuel Labi


Considering Aggregate Polishing Effect in Prediction of Pavement Skid Resistance
L. J. Chu, T. F. Fwa and K. H. Tan


Proposed Japanese Mix Design Methodology for Porous Asphalt Using Modified Binder
Meor Othman Hamzah, Nakanishi Hiromitu and Mohd Rosli Mohd Hasan


Reuse of Reclaimed Asphalt with Bio-Based Rejuvenator in Taiwan
Laurent Porot, Andrew Su and Tommy Tham


Application of Bee Colony Algorithm for Pavement Resurfacing Problem
Tapas Ranjan Panda and Aravind Krishna Swamy


Sustainable Asphalt Paving Technology for Haul Roads in Amazon Region of Brazil
João Merighi, Rita Fortes and Waheed Uddin


Analysis of Asphalt Mix Surface-Tread Rubber Interaction by Using Finite Element Method
Santosh Kumar Srirangam, Kumar Anupam, Cor Kasbergen and Tom Scarpas


Traffic-Speed MTD Measurements of Asphalt Surface Courses
Kars Drenth, Feng Hua Ju and Jun Yew Tan


Field Investigation of Road Cavity and Cave-Ins in Seoul, Korea
Yenwoo Choi, Jongeun Baek, Hyun Choi and Hyun Jong Lee


Estimating Groove Drainage Effectiveness of Airfied Pavement
Yeung Calvin, Rao Fu, T. F. Fwa and Willie Tan


Highway Subsurface Assessment Using Pavement Surface Distress and Roughness Data
Muhammad Mubaraki


Road Asset Management System for a Municipality in Korea
Mi-Yun Park, Sangyum Lee, David Lee and Youn-Gyu Kim


Preliminary Study of the Feasible Maintenance in Taiwan Freeway
Shih-Huang Chen, Fita Ariyanti, Putri Adhitana Paramitha and Ching-Tseng Hung


The Correction Factor of Resilient Modulus From FWD Applied to Structural Analysis of Routine Maintenance on Freeway
Shih-Huang Chen, Jyh-Dong Lin, Ren-Cih Liou and Jyun-Hong Guo


Recent Advances in Performance Based Characterisation of Asphalt Mixtures – A Review
Olubayode Ero-Phillips


Analysis of Dynamic Segmentation in Pavement Maintenance Management for National Freeways
Min-Che Ho, Jyh-Dongl Lin, Min-Yan Huang and Shih-Ming Hsu


Import Pavement Engineering Resume Analysis to National Freeway Pavement Management System
Jyh-Dongl Lin, Min-Che Ho, Kuan-I Ho and Cheng-An Dai