Table of Contents

Personalized Information Retrieval based on User Interest Model
Tarjni Vyas, Pranjali Agrawal and Romita Rath

An Efficient Reactive Routing Protocol for Dense Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
T. Sivakumar and R. Manoharan

Optimal Resource Assignment in Wireless Mesh Networks
Vajihe Farhadi and Ghasem Mirjalily

A Neural Network Approach to Debian Bug Number Prediction
Jayadeep Pati and K. K. Shukla

Extending Browser Capabilities to Share Browsing Information between Different Browser Types and Computers
B. M. Thosini Kumarika and N. G. J. Dias

Simulation of Space Vector PWM for 3-Level Inverter Fed Induction Motor in Overmodulation Region
R. Linga Swamy, P. V. N. Prasad, G. Srinivas and R. Somanatham

Gawbir: Gabor and Wavelet based Image Retrieval Technique for the Texture and Spatial-Color Feature Extraction in Multimedia Database
Pallavi Bhatt, Pradeep Rusiya and Vijay Birchha

Classified Diagnostic Knowledge Approach to Address Usability Issues of Disorder Diagnosis Expert System in Agriculture
Syed Sarfaraz Hasan

An Improved & Efficient Ring Election Algorithm in Distributed System
Sunil Kumar Chowdhary

Community Detection in Social Networks using Structural Strength and Node Attributes
Devi Kannuru and P. Santhi Thilagam

A Novel Approach on Secure Checkpointing for Safety Critical System
Anupam Saha and Tanima Sadhukhan

A Novel Proportional Fair Order Strategic Reduced Feedback and Rate Threshold based Multiuser Switched Diversity System
Rupinder Kaur

A New Feature Selection Algorithm for DNA Dataset
Disha Khode and Antara Bhattacharya

Effect of Interpolation on Passive Algorithm Detecting Double Compression in Presence of Image Resizing
Jyoti and Mandeep Kaur

Analysis of Digital Image Forgery Technique for Detecting Non Aligned Double JPEG Compression in Digital Images
Prakriti and Mandeep Kaur

Optimized Method to Discover Resources in Ultra-Large Scale-Systems
Zahra Zanbagh and Sima Emadi

A Novel Technique for Relational Database Watermarking and Verification
Swathi Melkundi and Chaitali Chandankhede

Solution Model for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem using Genetic Algorithm
A. Ramalingam and K. Vivekanandan

Robust Hand Gesture Recognition for Character Recognition
Rama B. Dan and P. S. Mohod

Reactive Power Optimization of Power System based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Non Linear Programming
P. Lokender Reddy, Suri Sathya Prashant and G. Yesuratnam

Enhancing Shopping Mall Culture in a Smart Way Using NFC
Raghav Lakhotia, Rishabh Sood, Harmeet Singh, R.K Jarial and Shashank Mudgal

Time Constrained QoS Geographical Routing for Differentiated Traffic in Wireless Sensor Networks
Prabha R., Shivaraj Karki, Manjula S. H., K. R. Venugopal and L. M. Patnaik

Dynamic Harmonic and Reactive Power Compensation with an Adaptive Shunt Active Filter for Variable Speed Induction Motor Drive
Sindhu M. R., Aneesh P., Manjula G. Nair and Nambiar T. N. P.

Speech Steganography using Curvelet and Fourier Transform
Prerna Parmar, Neeru Jindal and Amarjit Singh

Mask Generation and Nodule Detection from Chest Radiographic Images
T. Satyasavithri and S.K. Chayadevi

Visual Cryptographic Scheme on Hand Gesture Recognition for Robotic Automation
Swati Chamele and Hemlata Dakhore

Hybrid Feature Selection and Clustering Method for Unstructured Search Engine Data
Vaidehi Ambekar and P.S. Mohod

Enhancement of Web Proxy Caching using Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifier
Julian Benadit. P., Sagayaraj Francis. F. and Muruganantham. U.

Order-Optimal Neighbor Discovery in Fuzzy Improved Adaptive Delay Multicast Routing Protocol
B. Ravi Prasad, A. Damodaram and G. Venkateswara Rao