Session 1B Track 2 – Building & Ground Responses to Deep Excavation and Tunnelling
Date/Time Wednesday, 20 October 2010 / 11:45
Venue Aquarius 1 & 2
Chairperson Er Thomas Tang Sek Kwan
Managing Director
Amberg and TTI Engineering Pte Ltd

Quick Assessment of Ground Settlement Limits to Restrict Building Damage to “Slight” Category
M. Rizwan Muzzammil

Methodologies to Mitigate Building Damage due to Excavation Works
H. L. Phua, T. S. Chua, Michelle Lew and V. Rama

Construction and Geotechncail Challenges of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) System in Singapore
Cham Wee Meng and Wen Dazhi

Settlement Response of Framed Buildings to Movements from Tunnelling and Deep Excavations
Goh Kok Hun and Robert Mair