Land Transport Authority (LTA) Academy                                            Top

LTA Academy is a division of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore. We serve as a one-stop focal point for governments, organisations and professionals around the world to tap Singapore's know-how and exchange best practices in land transport management and development.

Our Vision
A leading global institution on land transport

Our Mission
Promote sharing of Singapore’s experience and expertise on land transport and;
Promote research and exchange of the best practices within the global land transport community

Our Programmes
LTA Academy distinguishes itself from other academic, professional and training institutions by offering high quality learning programmes for international participants who will benefit from the following:

Focused & Practical
Our training programmes are well structured and highly focused, and where applicable, include site visits and professional attachments for participants to gain practical insights and real-life experience.

Domain Knowledge of Trainers
Our trainers are selected from the pool of domain experts and experienced senior professionals in LTA, many of whom are globally recognised experts in their field.

Holistic Learning
LTA Academy is able to provide a total learning experience on all modes and all aspects of land transport, from policy and planning to engineering and management.

Current Best Practices
Because LTA Academy is a division of LTA, we are able to keep abreast of the latest developments and incorporate them into our programmes to showcase current best practices.

Close Link with Government and Industry
LTA Academy has direct links with other government agencies as well as established institutions and professional associations in the industry. This allows us to create comprehensive training programmes with wide coverage of topics and perspectives.

Customised Programmes
Apart from offering scheduled open programmes, LTA Academy will customise programmes to meet the specific needs and challenges of overseas governments and organisations.

MSI Global Pte Ltd                                            Top

To be the Preferred Partner in land transport infrastructure/system projects.

To provide the highest quality and professional land transport consultancy services.

MSI Global Pte Ltd (“MSI Global”) was set up in 1995 by the Land Transport Authority, Singapore (“LTA”). With the wealth of experience amassed by LTA in providing consultancy and solutions in land transport engineering and management, MSI Global is able to leverage on this expertise.

MSI Global’s consultancy expertise centres on key aspects of land transport management which includes Transportation Planning, Project Management and Implementation, Rail Systems Engineering, including a comprehensive Automatic Fare Collection and Ticketing system, Infrastructure Management, Intelligent Transport System and Demand Management.

Drawing from LTA’s highly-skilled workforce comprising more than 1,200 professional and 900 technical staff, MSI Global brings together many years of practical experience, well-developed knowledge and finely-honed skills to guarantee its clients the very best of service.

Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES)                                            Top

The Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES) is a non-profit making association representing the independent consulting engineering profession in Singapore. Formed in 1971, the association is an industry grouping seeking to set and maintain standards of professional ethics, public accountability and independence amongst its members who are all directors or partners of consulting engineering firms operating in Singapore in compliance with the Professional Engineers Act and its regulations. ACES also has business interests of its members high on its agenda and seeks to ensure that professional consulting engineers in Singapore are adequately and fairly rewarded for their services.

The objects for which the Association is established are: