Part I Plenary Papers

Plenary – Comment on Detonations in Accidental Explosions
J. H. S. Lee

Plenary – Hydrogen Explosion Hazards in Degraded Core Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants
T. Tsuruda

Plenary – Extreme Fire Behaviors in Large Forest Fires: Current Status and Challenges
N. A. Liu and X. D. Xie

Plenary – Mechanisms of Pollutant Formation in Fires
M. Altarawneh and B. Z. Dlugogorski

Plenary – Reducing the Risk of Fire in Buildings and Communities
A. Hamins, J. Averill, N. Bryner, D. Butry, R. Gann, R. Davis, D. Madrzykowski, A. Maranghides, J. Yang, M. Bundy, S. Manzello, J. Gilman, F. Amon and W. Mell