Table of Contents

Keynote Papers
Behavior of Structures Under Seismic Loading
Dynamic Behavior of Structures, Soils, and Foundations
Fatigue and Stability of Structures and Components
Nonlinear Behaviour of Structures
Building Structures
Strengthening of Structures
Modeling, Optimization, and Analysis of Structures
Behavior of Concrete Structures
Behavior of Steel Structures
Bridge and Frame Structures
Infrastructure and Bridges
Behavior of Concrete and Concrete-like Materials (I)
Behavior of Concrete and Concrete-like Materials (II)
Asphalt, Concrete, and Cementitious Composites
Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering
Creep and Vibration Studies in Structures
High-Strength and Pre-stressed Concrete Behaviour
Damage Detection and Retrofit of Structures
Mechanical Behavior and Strength of Cement-Based Materials
Building Systems, Design, and Analysis (I)
Building Systems, Design, and Analysis (II)
Pavment and Concrete Mix Designs
Analysis of Structures
Building Information Modelling
Best Value and Benchmarking
Construction Processes and Transactions
Project Management
Construction Cost and Contracting Systems
Construction Performance and Safety
Education and Regulation
Facilities and Housing
Energy and Environment
Planning and Development
Procurement, Project Delivery, and Risk Management
Sustainable Solutions for Environment and Climate