Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1

Recent Advances in Therapeutic Ultrasound
Prof. Lawrence CRUM

Keynote 2

Relaxation Modes in Complex Metallic Glasses Studied By Local and Global Mechanical Spectroscopy
Prof. Walter ARNOLD

Keynote 3

Membrane-type Acoustic Metamaterials: Reflection and Absorption of the Low Frequency Sound
Prof. Ping SHENG

Keynote 4

New Acoustics, Based On Metamaterials
Dr. Woon Siong GAN

Keynote 5

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for Biomedical and Dentistry Application
Prof. Boo Cheong KHOO

Keynote 6

Semiconductor Acoustic Lasers (Sasers) for Terahertz Acoustics
Dr. Boris A. Glavin

Keynote 7

Nanoultrasonics Based on Piezoelectric Superlattices
Prof. Chi-Kuang SUN

Keynote 8

Phononics: Manipulating Phonons with Electronic Analogues and Beyond
Prof. LI Baowen

Keynote 9

Measuring Viscoelastic Properties of Soft Tissues