Session ThP — Poster Session
Date/Time Thursday, 2 May 2013 / 13:00 –18:10
Venue Foyer

ThP.1       P0471
Effects of the Particle Polydispersity on the Acoustic Properties of Emulsions with Multipolar Resonances
Benoit MASCARO, Thomas BRUNET, Simon RAFFY, Olivier MONDAIN-MONVAL, Jacques LENG,
Olivier PONCELET and Chirstophe ARISTÉGUI
University of Bordeaux

ThP.2       P0199
Numerical Investigation of Backscattered Ultrasound Property in Cancellous Bone Measured on an Annular Receiving Area
Akashi National College of Technology

ThP.3       P0485
Anatomical Dependence of the Ultrasonic Velocity in Human Cortical Bone Samples
Vincent MATHIEU, Christine CHAPPARD and Guillaume HAIAT

ThP.4       P0201
Generation of High-Intensity Sound Waves by a New Point-Convergence Type Aerial Ultrasonic Sound Source with a Flexural Vibrating rectangular plate
Youichi ITO and Ayumu OSUMI
Nihon University

ThP.5       P0133
Lamb Wave Diffraction Tomography for Imaging Plate Thickness Thinning
Haiyan ZHANG, Yongling YU and *Shiwei MA
Shanghai University
*Sanghai University

ThP.6       P0303
Measurement of the Ultrasound Attenuation Coefficient of Tissue Mimicking Gels
Simona LAGO and Adriano TROIA
Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica

ThP.7       P0323
Platform for Micro-bubbles Generation Controlled by Ultrasounds
Younes ACHAOUI, Zoubida HAMMADI, Juan OLIVES, *Serge MENSAH and Roger MORIN
*UPR 7051

ThP.8       P0129
Manipulations of a Single Nanowire Based on Acoustic Streaming Eddies Around the Tip of an Ultrasonically Vibrating Microrod
Junhui HU and Ning LI
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

ThP.9       P0130
Ultrasonic Trapping Based on an Acoustic Needle with Curved and Flattened Tip
Ning LI and Junhui HU
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

ThP.10       P0248
Design and Assessment of Cylindrical Reactor with New 20 kHz Transducer
Yoshiyuki ASAKURA, *Khuyen Viet Bao TRAN and *Shinobu KODA
Honda Electronics
*Nagoya University

ThP.11       P0117
A Controllable Wet-Etching Method to Fabricate High-Frequency ZnO Ultrasonic Arrays
Jinying ZHANG, *Weijiang XU, **Julien CARLIER, ***Xinming JI, ***Yiping HUANG and Shuming CHEN
National University of Defense Technology
*Université de Valenciennes
** University of Valenciennes
***Fudan University

ThP.12       P0242
Basic Examination of Noncontact and Nondestructive Inspection in Solid Material by Using High-Intensity Aerial Ultrasonic Waves
Ayumu OSUMI and Youichi ITO
Nihon University

ThP.13       P0501
Contact Modeling of Traveling Wave Ultrasonic Motors
Shengnan SHEN, Chong Jin ONG, *Siak Piang LIM and *Heow Pueh LEE
National University of Singapore
*National University of Singapore / National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute

ThP.14       P0241
Material Identification of Loose Particles Using MEL Frequency Cepstral Coefficient and Hidden Markov Model
Guofu ZHAI, Jinbao CHEN, Le QI, Shujuan WANG and Zhichao LI
Harbin Institute of Technology

ThP.15       P0208
Modeling and Analysis of Rayleigh Waves Generated by Meander-line Coil EMATs
Shujuan WANG, Zhichao LI, Peng Zhan LI, Riliang SU and Guofu ZHAI
Harbin Institute of Technology

ThP.16       P0244
Analytical Model of Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers With Spiral Coils
Guofu ZHAI, Kaican WANG, Yakun WANG and Riliang SU
Harbin Institute of Technology

ThP.17       P0355
Detection of Closed Crack by Using Contact Acoustic Nonlinearity
Dongseok YUN, Gang REN and Kyung-Young JHANG
Hanyang University

ThP.18       P0274
Acoustic Nonlinear Properties of Polycrystalline Titanium in the Vicinity of the Electronic Topological Transition
Alexander KOROBOV, Natalia ODINA, A.A. KOROBOV, Vladimir RZHEVSKY and
*Viacheslav PROKHOROV
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
*Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials

ThP.19       P0212
Neonate Bone Assessment Based on Ultrasonic Backscatter Signals
Rong ZHANG, *De-an TA and Chao CHEN
Children’s Hospital of Fudan University
*Fudan University

ThP.20       P0482
Evaluation of Changes of Elastic Constants and Microstructure of Heat Affect Zone of Thick Welded Shipbuilding Steel by Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy
Luiz Carlos da SILVA, Julião LEMOS, Marcos PEREIRA, Armando Hideki SHINOHARA,
*Segen Farid ESTEFEN and **Hirotsugu OGI
**Osaka University

ThP.21       P0366
A Simple Method to Simulate Acoustic Field of a Linear Phased Array Using Spatial Impulse Response
Dong MING and Hongwei MA
Xi’an University of Science and Technology

ThP.22       P0502
Numerical Analysis of a New Standing-Wave Stack Ultrasonic Motor
Xiaoyan HOU, *Heow Pueh LEE, Chong Jin ONG and *Siak Piang LIM
National University of Singapore
*National University of Singapore / National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute

ThP.23       P0174
Identification of Avalanche Precursors by Acoustic Probing in the Bulk of Tilted Granular Layers
Mickaël DURANTEAU, *Vincent TOURNAT, **Vladimir ZAITSEV, Renaud DELANNAY and Patrick RICHARD
Institute of Physics of Rennes
*LUNAM Université, Université du Maine, CNRS
**Institute of Applied Physics