Session Th41 — NDT: Guided Waves II
Date/Time Thursday, 2 May 2013 / 15:50 – 18:10
Venue Riverfront 1
Chair(s) Michel CASTAINGS, University of Bordeaux
Younho CHO, School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University

Th41.1       15:50 – 16:10       P0230
Investigation of Propagation of Ultrasonic Guided Waves Along Twisted Multi-wire Ropes
Renaldas RAISUTIS, Rymantas KAZYS, Liudas MAZEIKA, Egidijus ZUKAUSKAS, Vykintas SAMAITIS
and Audrius JANKAUSKAS
Kaunas university of technology

Th41.2       16:10 – 16:30       P0413
Thermal Damage Detection in Aircraft Composite Laminates by Lamb Waves
Weibin LI, Younho CHO and *Jan ACHENBACH
School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University
*Center for Quality Engineering and Failure Prevention, Northwestern University

Th41.3       16:30 – 16:50       P0255
Propagation Behavior of Torsional Guided Waves in Steel Pipes with Wall-thinning Area
Nurmalia NURMALIA, Nobutomo NAKAMURA, Hirotsugu OGI and Masahiko HIRAO
Osaka University

Th41.4       16:50 – 17:10       P0189
Numerical Analysis of Second Harmonic Generation in Lamb Waves in an Isotropic Plate with Distributed Material Nonlinearity
Naoki MATSUDA, Shiro BIWA and Takahiro HAYASHI
Kyoto University

Th41.5       17:10 – 17:30       P0247
SH Ultrasonic Guided Waves for Lap-joint Adhesion Testing
University of Bordeaux

Th41.6       17:30 – 17:50       P0305
Low Attenuation Frequency bands for Lamb Waves Immersed in Viscous Fluids: Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Validation
Aline Emy TAKIY, Silvio Cesar Garcia GRANJA, Ricardo Tokio HIGUTI, Cláudio KITANO, *Luis ELVIRA and *Óscar F. MARTÍNEZ-GRAULLERA
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
*Centro de Acústica Aplicada y Evaluación No Destructiva (CSIC)

Th41.7       17:50 – 18:10       P0503
Inspection of Complex Structures Using Ultrasonic Feature Guided Waves
Zheng FAN and *Michael LOWE
Imperial College
*Imperial College London