Session Th35 – Special Session — High Power Ultrasound
Date/Time Thursday, 2 May 2013 / 13:00 – 15:20
Venue Waterfront 2
Chair Margaret LUCAS, University of Glasgow

Th35.1       13:00 – 13:20       P0215
Nonlinear Response in Airborne Piezoelectric Transducers for Power Ultrasonics
Andrea CARDONI, *Enrique RIERA and *Juan A. GALLEGO-JUÁREZ
Pusonics S.L.
*CSIC Grupo de Ultrasonidos de Potencia

Th35.2       13:20 – 13:40       P0219
Convective Drying of Foodstuffs Under the Action of High Power Ultrasound
José V. GARCÍA-PÉREZ, José BON, Juan A. CÁRCEL, Antonio MULET,
*Juan A. GALLEGO-JUÁREZ and *Enrique RIERA
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
*CSIC Grupo de Ultrasonidos de Potencia

Th35.3       13:40 – 14:00       P0165
An Ultrasonic Orthopaedic Surgical Device Based on a Cymbal Transducer
Margaret LUCAS and Fernando BEJARANO
University of Glasgow

Th35.4       14:00 – 14:20       P0495
Manipulation and Transportation of Droplets in Air Using Ultrasonic Radiation Force
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Th35.5       14:20 – 14:40       P0112
Nonlinear Modeling of Langevin Transducers Using the Rayleigh Law in the Piezoelectric Ceramics.
Nicolás PÉREZ ÁLVAREZ, *Andrea CARDONI, **Niccolo CERISOLA, ***Enrique RIERA
Universidad de la República
*Pusonics S.L.
**Mectron SPA
***CSIC Grupo de Ultrasonidos de Potencia

Th35.6       14:40 – 15:00       P0464
Physical and Acoustic Parameters in High Power Ultrasonic Atomization of Liquids
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Th35.7       15:00 – 15:20       P0271
Characterization of the Ultrasound Activity in a Liquid Flow Using Particles Images Velocimetry (PIV) and Electrochemical Mass Transfer Measurements
Magali BARTHES, *Gerald MAZUE, **Dimitri BONNET, ***Remy VIENNET, ***Jean-Yves HIHN and Yannick BAILLY
FEMTO-ST institute
*UTINAM institute / Navy Clean
**FEMTO-ST institute / UTINAM institute
***UTINAM institute