Session Sa23 — Medical Parametric Imaging
Date/Time Saturday, 4 May 2013 / 11:00 – 12:20
Venue Riverfront 3
Chair(s) Akira YAMADA, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Sa23.1       11:00 – 11:20       P0266
Multy Frequency Excitation for a Wide Range of Bubble Detection
Damien FOUAN and *Serge MENSAH
BF Systemes
*UPR 7051

Sa23.2       11:20 – 11:40       P0403
Body Surface Automated Mechanical Scanner for the Abdominal Sound Speed Tomographic Imaging
Toshihiko YOKOYAMA, Kensuke SASAKI, *Daichi SHIMIZU, Hui LI and Akira YAMADA
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
*Tokyo Denki University

Sa23.3       11:40 – 12:00       P0180
Photoacoustic Imaging of Tissue Microstructure Using a Low Frequency System
Yiqun YANG, Shaohua WANG, Chao TAO, *Xueding WANG and Xiaojun LIU
Nanjing University
*University of Michigan

Sa23.4       12:00 – 12:20       P0295
Biomechanical Shear Moduli Recovery from Ultrasound in Multilayered Half-Space Media
Antonio Jesús GÓMEZ, Guillermo RUS, Francisco Javier SUÁREZ, David ARCOYA, Nicolas BOCHUD,
Juan Manuel MELCHOR, Laura PERALTA, J. Chiachío and M. Chiachío
University of Granada