Session Sa22 – Special Session — Ultrasonic Microtechnology and Particle Manipulation I
Date/Time Saturday, 4 May 2013 / 11:00 – 12:20
Venue Riverfront 2
Chair(s) S. J. LEIGH, University of Warwick

Sa22.1       11:00 – 11:20       P0145
Particle Manipulation in the Presence of Fluid Interfaces
Adrian NEILD, Priscilla ROGERS, Ian GRALINSKI, Citsabehsan DEVENDRAN, Robert WALKER
and Tuncay ALAN
Monash University

Sa22.2       11:20 – 11:40       P0146
Particle Manipulation and Separation in an Open Microfluidic Chamber
Citsabehsan DEVENDRAN, Priscilla ROGERS, Ian GRALINSKI and Adrian NEILD
Monash University

Sa22.3       11:40 – 12:00       P0443
Time-Averaged Acoustic Force on a Small Solid Sphere in a Viscous Fluid
Jingtao WANG and Jurg DUAL
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich

Sa22.4       12:00 – 12:20       P0491 – Invited Paper
Some Biological Applications of Ultrasonic Particle Manipulation in Microsystems
Martyn HILL, Peter GLYNNE-JONES, Siwei LI and Rahul TARE
University of Southampton