Session Fr46 — Biomedical Ultrasound II
Date/Time Friday, 3 May 2013 / 15:20 – 17:00
Venue Waterfront 3
Chair(s) Nicolas TAULIER, CNRS

Fr46.1       15:20 – 15:40       P0448
Real-time Ultrasound Beamforming and Image Formation on Mobile Processors
Nitin SINGHAL, Nitin SHANKAR and Manish ARORA
GE India Technology Center

Fr46.2       15:40 – 16:00       P0484
Estimation of Dental Implant Stability Using an Ultrasonic Technique
Romain VAYRON, Domitille LORIOT and Guillaume HAIAT

Fr46.3       16:00 – 16:20       P0127
Thin Bone Sample Assessment Using Ultrasonic Transmitted Signals Based on Wavelet Processing Method
Rui ZHENG, *Emmanuelle LEFEVRE, *Cecile BARON and Philippe LASAYGUES
Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics, CNRS

Fr46.4       16:20 – 16:40       P0399
High Frame Rate Blood Flow Imaging by Visualization of Ultrasonic Echoes from Blood Particles in Echocardiography
Hiroki TAKAHASHI, Hideyuki HASEGAWA and Hiroshi KANAI
Tohoku University

Fr46.5       16:40 – 17:00       P0300
Nano-emulsion for Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy Applications
Ksenia ASTAFYEVA, *Lucie SOMAGLINO, **Stéphane DESGRANGES, **Christiane CONTINO-PEPIN, **Ange POLIDORI, ***Wladimir URBACH and *Nicolas TAULIER
**Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse
***Laboratoire de physique statistique de l’École Normale Supérieure