Alfredo Ang Lecture

Title A PDEM-based Perspective to Engineering Reliability: From Structural Elements to Lifeline Networks
Date / Time 31 May 2018, Thursday / 09:20 - 10:00 hrs
Speaker Dr. Jie Li, Distinguished Professor, Tongji University
Chairs Shi-Shuenn Chen, Yan-gang Zhao

Research of reliability of engineering structures has experienced a developing history for more than 90 years. However, the problem of how to resolve the global reliability of structural systems still remain open, especially the problem of the combinatorial explosion and the challenge of correlation between failure modes. Benefiting from the research of probability density evolution theory in recent years, the physics based system reliability researches open a new way for bypassing this dilemma. The present paper introduces the theoretical foundation of probability density evolution method in view of a broad background, whereby a probability density evolution equation for probability dissipative system is deduced. In conjunction of physical equations, a general engineering reliability analysis frame is then presented. For illustrative purposes, several cases are studied which proves the value of the proposed engineering reliability analysis method.


Jie Li is a Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering at Tongji University, specializing in the area of earthquake engineering and stochastic mechanics. He has worked on uncertainty quantification, response analysis, and reliability evaluation of structural systems involving randomness ‐ integrating both for system parameters and excitations ‐ for more than 15 years. He has authored six monographs and published over 200 papers in peer reviewed journals. Li holds executive positions in China's major architectural, vibration engineering, and disaster prevention societies and laboratories. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science Series) and is on the editorial board of over 10 international and Chinese journals, including the International Journal of Nonlinear Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibrations. He has received a variety of national and provincial-level awards for Advancement in Science and Technology. Jie Li holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Tongji University.