Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management (AJEDM)

Volume 6 Number 1 (2014)

A Case Study on the Impact of Natural Disaster on ‘Women’

Emmanuel Janagan Johnson
Lecturer in Social Work, Department of Behavioural Sciences, The University of the West Indies,
St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago.


This study aims to provide a specific overview of the problems experienced by women in disasters. The special needs of women have to be taken care in a country like India where the population is very high. In India women are the highest victims of all the past disasters and are still prone to become victims during disasters. This study addresses how to mitigate and prepare women effectively on existing experience and mechanisms by mobilizing women toward greater preparation in facing disasters. The role of social work intervention in creating awareness to the women in facing the challenges is also discussed.

Keywords: Disaster, Mitigation, Prevention, Psycho social considerations, Resource mobilization.

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