Table of Contents

Investigating the Qualities of Nonlinear Ship Rolling Distribution using an Improved Critical Wave Groups Method
Panayiotis A. Anastopoulos, Ioannis A. Kontolefas and Kostas J. Spyrou

Probabilistic Structural Performance Assessment in Hidden Damage Spaces
C.P. Andriotis and K.G. Papakonstantinou

Numerical Solution of Generalized FPK Equations Corresponding to Random Differential Equations under Colored Noise Excitation. The Transient Case
G.A. Athanassoulis, Z.G. Kapelonis and K.I. Mamis

GP-VAR Surrogates for Identification of Structures Under Varying Operational Conditions
L.D. Avendaño-Valencia, K. Tatsis and E.N. Chatzi

Distributions of Wave Velocities in Heterogeneous Media based on the Apparent Properties of Statistical Volume Elements
Sarah C. Baxter and Katherine A. Acton

Metric of Ship Capsizing of Random Seas
V. Belenky, K. M. Weems, V. Pipiras and T. Sapsis

Uncertainty Propagation in Composite Models Using an Efficient Surrogate Algorithm
Anindya Bhaduri, Lori Graham-Brady, Michael D. Shields, David Brandyberry and Philippe Geubelle

The Role of the Bhattacharyya Distance in Stochastic Sensitivity Analysis
Sifeng Bi, Matteo Broggi and Michael Beer

Random Fluctuations of Non-linear Creep and Relaxation Parameters of Human Knee Tendons
E.Bologna, G.Alotta, F.P.Pinnola and M. Zingales

Potential Futures: A Probability-based Strategy for Maintaining Built Heritage in Vienna
Barbara Bucher and Christian Bucher

A Ground Motion Model in Proximity of Vibrating Buildings
P. Cacciola and A. Tombari

Probability Density Evolution Analysis of Response of Structures with Dependent Random Parameters
Jianbing Chen, Zhiqiang Wan and Jie Li

On the Accuracy of Seismic Fragilities for Actual Non-linear MDOF Systems
M. Ciano, M. Gioffrè and M. Grigoriu

Characterization of Elastic Properties of Masonry through Digital Imaging Techniques Applied to Thermographic Images
Federico Cluni, Vittorio Gusella and Gianluca Vinti

Design of the Vibrating Barrier Device for a Cluster of Building under Stochastic Excitation
J. D. Coronado Jimenez, A. Tombari and P. Cacciola

Combinatorial Analysis for Probabilistic Assessment of Dependent Failures in Systems and Portfolios
Ross B. Corotis, Daniel Straub, Karl Breitung and Holly Janowicz

Comparison of Robust, Reliability-based and Non-probabilistic Topology Optimization under Uncertain Loads and Stress Constraints
Gustavo Assis Da Silva, Eduardo Lenz Cardoso and André Teófilo Beck

Closed-form Response of a Linear Fractional Visco-elastic Oscillator under Arbitrary Stationary Input
Vincent Denoel

Simulation of Wind Velocity Time Histories on Long Span Structures Modeled as Non-Gaussian Stochastic Waves
George Deodatis, Haijun Zhou, Michael Shields and Brett Benowitz

Analysis of Block Random Rocking on Nonlinear Flexible Foundation
Aberto Di Matteo, Pol D. Spanos and Antonina Pirrotta

Nonlinear Oscillator Survival Probability Determination via Hilbert Transform based Stochastic Averaging
Ketson R. M. Dos Santos, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou and Pol D. Spanos

B-Spline based Polynomial Chaos Approximation for Random Variables
Christoph Ecker, Michael Beer and Pol D. Spanos

Bayesian Weighted Low-fidelity Correction for Multi-fidelity Optimization
C. Corey Fischer and Ramana V. Grandhi

Acceleration-based Bridge Scour Monitoring
P.C. Fitzgerald, E.J. OBrien, A. Malekjafarian and L.J. Prendergast

Regression of High Dimensional Data on the Grassmann Manifold using Spectral Clustering
Dimitris G. Giovanis and Michael D. Shields

A Response Surface Approach for the Analysis of Structures with Uncertainties Described by Imprecise Probability Density Functions
Filippo Giunta, Giuseppe Muscolino and Alba Sofi

A Sub-Nyquist Co-Prime Sampling MUSIC Spectral Approach for Natural Frequency Identification of White-noise Excited Structures
Kyriaki Gkoktsi and Agathoklis Giaralis

Non-stationary Random Vibration for Damping Reduction Factor Sensitivity
Rita Greco, Giuseppe Carlo Marano, Bruno Briseghella, Davide Lavorato and Leqia He

Reliability of Bridges for High-speed Trains: Assessment of Different Stochastic Approaches
Benjamin Hirzinger, Christoph Adam, Patrick Salcher and Michael Oberguggenberger

Moment Equations and Modified Closure Approximation Techniques for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems under Renewal Impulse Process Excitations
Anna Jabłonka and Radosław Iwankiewicz

A Stochastic Framework for Hydraulic Performance Assessment of Large Scale Water Distribution Networks
Hector Jensen and Danko Jerez

Cell Renormalized FPK Equation for Stochastic Non-linear Systems
Z. Jiang, J. Li and P. Spanos

Boundary Element Method Based Approach for Estimating the Response of a System Governed by a Stochastic Nonlinear Fractional Diffusion Equation
Yiyu Jiao, Giovanni Malara and Pol D. Spanos

Response Spectral Density Determination for Nonlinear Systems Endowed with Fractional Derivatives and Subject to Colored Noise
Fan Kong and Pol D. Spanos

Statistical Linearization Approach for Calculating the Response Statistics of a System Involving Fractional Laplacian
Giovanni Malara, Yiyu Jiao and Pol D. Spanos

Large Scale Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo For Reliability analysis of Complex Systems
Jeremiah Mbazor and Marco Torbol

Approximate Transition Probability Density Functions for a Class of Coupled Nonlinear Stochastic Differential Equations
Antonios Meimaris, Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou and Athanasios Pantelous

RBDO Problem Solving through Multiobjective Formulation using a Stochastic Multiple Objective Descent Algorithm
Quentin Mercier, Fabrice Poirion and Jean-Antoine Désidéri

Seismic Reliability of Water Distribution Networks based on Probability Density Evolution Method
Huiquan Miao, Wei Liu and Jie Li

Improving Extreme Value Prediction based on a Short Data Sample, Using a Highly Correlated Process with a Long Data Sample
Arvid Naess and Oleg Gaidai

Bayesian Inference for Parameters Estimation using Experimental Data
Chiara Pepi, Massimiliano Gioffrè and Mircea Grigoriu

Stochastic Response Analysis and Optimization of a Class of Nonlinear Electromechanical Energy Harvesters
Ioannis Petromichelakis, Apostolos F. Psaros and Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou

Wiener Path Integral based Stochastic Response Determination of Nonlinear Systems with Singular Diffusion Matrices
Ioannis Petromichelakis, Apostolos F. Psaros and Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou

Pitfalls of Data-Driven Peaks-over-Threshold Analysis: Perspectives from Extreme Ship Motions
Vladas Pipiras

A Multilevel Moving Particles Method for Reliability Estimation
Carsten Proppe

Non-Stationary Joint Response PDF Determination of Nonlinear Systems via the Wiener Path Integral in Conjunction with a Wavelet Basis
Apostolos F. Psaros, Ioannis Petromichelakis and Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou

Shear Failure of Very Large Concrete Beam: Nonlinear, Probabilistic and Semi-Probabilistic Modelling
Radomír Pukl, Vladimír Červenka, Lukáš Novák and Drahomír Novák

A Polynomial Dimensional Decomposition for Dependent Random Variables
Sharif Rahman

Practical Aspects of Validating a Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Motions-in-Irregular-Waves Code for Extreme Conditions
Arthur M. Reed and David W. Wundrow

Uncertainty Quantification of an Aeroelastic Model with Sparse Polynomial Surrogates
Éric Savin and Jean-Luc Hantrais-Gervois

Multilevel Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification and Propagation in Model Updating Problems
Omid Sedehi, Lambros S. Katafygiotis and Costas Papadimitriou

Water on Deck Extreme Event Distribution
T. C. Smith

Structural Response to Non-Stationary Thunderstorm Outflows: Multi-Variate vs Equivalent Mono-Variate Simulation
Giovanni Solari and Patrizia de Gaetano

A 3D Percolating Resistor Network Computational Model for the Determination of Electrical and Thermal Properties of Nanocomposites
P. Spanos, C. Higginson, T. Ketron and A. Roy

Simulation of Non-Stationary Sea Waves Compatible with Storm Data
Pol D. Spanos, Valentina Laface , Giovanni Malara and Felice Arena

Nonlinear Vibrations of Beams and Plates with Fractional Elements Under Combined Action of Harmonic and Random Excitations.
Pol D. Spanos and Giovanni Malara

A Model for the Rapid Optimization of High-Dimensional Uncertain k-out-of-n Systems Subject to Stochastic Wind Excitation
Arthriya Suksuwan and Seymour M.J. Spence

Nonlinear Geometric Modeling of Uncertain Structures Through Nonintrusive Reduced Order Modeling
X.Q. Wang, Marc P. Mignolet and Christian Soize

Statistical Uncertainty of Measured and Simulated Ship Motions
K. M. Weems, V. Belenky, M.D. Levine and V. Pipiras

Soil Deposit Stochastic Settlement Simulation Using an Improved Autocorrelation Model
Qingxia Yue and Jingru Yao

A Linearization Scheme for Vibrations due to Combined Deterministic and Stochastic Loads
Ying Zhang and Pol. D. Spanos

Efficient Response Determination of a MDOF Gear Model Subject to Combined Periodic and Stochastic Excitations
Ying Zhang and Pol. D. Spanos

Bayesian Model Averaging Kriging
Jize Zhang and Alexandros A. Taflanidis

Multiscale Stochastic Damage Analysis of Concrete Structures
Hao Zhou and Jie Li