Table of Contents

Stochastic Analysis of Structures Subjected to Multi-Correlated Non-Stationary Seismic Excitations
Tiziana Alderucci and Giuseppe Muscolino

Mean Stability of an Impacting Two Degrees-of-Freedom Autoparametic System Under Narrowband Excitation
P. Alevras, D. Yurchenko, R. V. Bobryk and A. Naess

Filter Equation By Fractional Calculus
Gioacchino Alotta and Mario Di Paola

Towards an Improved Critical Wave Groups Method for the Probabilistic Assessment of Large Ship Motions in Irregular Seas
Panayiotis A. Anastopoulos, Kostas J. Spyrou, Christopher Bassler and Vadim Belenky

Sensitivity Analysis of Return Values to Storm Threshold for Peak Over Threshold and Equivalent Triangular Storm Models
Felice Arena, Valentina Laface and Giuseppe Barbaro

Field Experiment on a U-OWC Wave Energy Converter in Confused Sea Waves
Felice Arena, Giovanni Malara, Alessandra Romolo and Vincenzo Fiamma

Finite Element Based Variability Response Functions for Effective Material Properties
S. R. Arwade, K. Teferra and G. Deodatis

A Novel Method for Formulating Closed, Computable Moment Equations for Nonlinear Random Differential Equations Under Colored Excitation
G. A. Athanassoulis, Z. G. Kapelonis and I. C. Tsantili

Assessment of Uncertainties in Output-only Modal Identification of Linear Systems
L. Banfi and L. Carassale

Passive Control of Fractional Viscoelastic Structures by Fractional Tuned Mass Dampers
Giorgio Barone, Francesco Lo Iacono and Giacomo Navarra

Mechanical Percolation in Nanocomposites: A Micromechanics Perspective
Sarah C. Baxter and Brian J. Burrows

Split-Time / Critical Derivative Value Approach for Evaluation of Probability of Capsizing of a Ship in Irregular Waves
V. Belenky, K. M. Weems, K. Spyrou and V. Pipiras

Properties of the Tail of Envelope Peaks and their Use for the Prediction of the Probability of Exceedance for Ship Motions in Irregular Waves
B. Campbell, V. Belenky and V. Pipiras

Assessment of Topographic Site-Effects Using Recorded Ground Motions. Application to the ESO E-ELT Telescope Site
Cristina Cantagallo, Guido Camata, Enrico Spacone, Ross Corotis and Paolo Ghiretti

Reliability-Based Design Optimization Using Design Sensitivity Analysis
J. B. Cardoso, A. P. Teixeira and P. T. Fraga

Stochastic Dynamic Analysis of Nonlinear Ship Rolling in Random Beam Seas
Wei Chai, Arvid Naess and Bernt J. Leira

PDEM-Based Response Analysis of a Nonlinear System Subjected to Non-Stationary Random Excitations
J. B. Chen, P. H. Lin and J. Li

Optimal Representation of Multi-Dimensional Random Fields with a Moderate Number of Samples
Vasileios Christou, Paolo Bocchini and Manuel J. Miranda

Analysis of Coupled Flexural-Torsional Behavior of Tall Buildings Under Stochastic Actions by Means of Equivalent Beam Model
Federico Cluni, Massimiliano Gioffrè and Vittorio Gusella

A Compressive Sensing Based Approach for Evolutionary Power Spectrum Estimation Subject to Missing Data
Liam Comerford, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou and Michael Beer

Random Functions with Divergent Integer Moments: Mellin Transform and Polynomial Chaos Approaches
Giulio Cottone and Iason Papaioannou

Computation of Random Oscillations on Graphical Processing Unit
Aleksandar S. Cvetkovic, Natasa R. Trisovic and Wei Li

Non Stationary Stochastic Analysis of the Structure Soil Structure Interaction
Laura D’Amico, Alessandro Tombari and Pierfrancesco Cacciola

Inverse Mellin Transform to Characterize the Nonlinear System PDF Response to Poisson White Noise
Alberto Di Matteo, Mario Di Paola and Antonina Pirrotta

Stochastic Response of 2D Frames with Internal and External Viscoelastic Dampers
Giuseppe Failla

On-the-fly Generation of Samples of Non-Stationary Gaussian Processes
R. V. Field and M. Grigoriu

Random Vibration of Linear Systems with Singular Mass Matrices
V. C. Fragkoulis, I. A. Kougioumtzoglou and A. A. Pantelous

Structural Reliability Analysis Combining Kriging Surrogate Models with an Adaptive Trust Region Method
B. Gaspar, A. P. Teixeira and C. Guedes Soares

The Design Space Root Finding Method for Efficient Risk Optimization by Simulation
Wellison J. S. Gomes and André T. Beck

Response of Random Heterogeneous Microstructures by Stochastic Reduced Order Models
M. Grigoriu

Numerical Investigation of Seismic Collapse for Super-Tall Structures
Tiancan Huang, Xiaodan Ren and Jie Li

Moments of the First-Excursion Time for Dynamic Systems Under Renewal Impulse Processes: Markov Approach Based on Integro-Differential Chapman-Kolmogorov Equations
Radosław Iwankiewicz and Marcello Vasta

Damping Model-Free Analysis of a Stochastic Multi-Scale Reinforced Concrete Frame Element for Earthquake Engineering Applications
Pierre Jehel, Hugues Vincent and Thomas Rodet

Reliability-based Design of Base-Isolated Systems Considering Large Scale Structural Models
H. A. Jensen, D. S. Kusanovic, Franco Mayorga and M. Papadrakakis

Adaptive Stochastic Sampling Using Kernel Density Approximations
Gaofeng Jia, Alexandros A. Taflanidis and James L. Beck

Harmonic Wavelets Based Response Evolutionary Power Spectrum Determination of Linear and Nonlinear Oscillators with Fractional Derivative Elements
Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou and Pol D. Spanos

A Practical Procedure of Seismic Reliability Analysis for Plane Frame Structures
Hongjing Li and Weiyu Zhang

Probability Density Evolution Method: Background, Significance and Recent Developments
Jie Li

Design Contours for Load Combinations: Generalizing Inverse FORM Methods to Dynamic Problems
Loren D. Lutes and Steven R. Winterstein

Nonlinear Random Vibrations of Beams with Fractional Derivative Elements
Giovanni Malara and Pol D. Spanos

Reliability Assessment of Nonlinear MDOF Systems Subject to Evolutionary Stochastic Excitation
Ioannis P. Mitseas, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou, Pol D. Spanos and M. Beer

Maximum Entropy Modeling of Discrete Uncertain Properties with Application to Friction
Raghavendra Murthy, Byeong-Keun Choi, X. Q. Wang, Mark C. Sipperley, Marc P. Mignolet and Christian Soize

Interval Uncertain Structural Systems Subjected to Stationary Stochastic Excitations: Reliability Assessment
Giuseppe Muscolino, Roberta Santoro and Alba Sofi

Probabilistic Simulation of Post-Earthquake Restoration Process for Highway Network with Repair Prioritization and Constraint
Tsutomu Nifuku and Masanobu Shinozuka

EOLE for Discretization of Multivariate Random Fields
Iason Papaioannou and Armen Der Kiureghian

Controlling Hidden Stochastic Processes in Real-time to Optimize Long-Term Infrastructure Objectives
K. G. Papakonstantinou and M. Shinozuka

Reliability Analysis of Shaft Resistance of Axially Loaded Bored Piles in Rock
Jae Hyun Park, Dongwook Kim, Jungwon Huh, Moonkyung Chung and Kiseok Kwak

Dynamic Response Statistics of Damped Stochastic Oscillatory Systems
Blanca Pascual and Sondipon Adhikari

Optimal Polynomial Control with Time-Variant Gain Matrix of Nonlinear Random Oscillators
Y. B. Peng and J. Li

Non-Stationary Aspects for Risk Assessment of Vehicles Under Strong Crosswind
Carsten Proppe and Xiaoyu Zhang

The Role of Fracture-Mechanical Parameters in Simulating Stochastic Structural Response
Radomír Pukl, Drahomír Novák and David Lehký

Understanding Soil Liquefaction Potential Using a Reliability Based Approach
Muhsin Elie Rahhal

Space-Time Extreme Waves During an Ocean Storm
Alessandra Romolo and Felice Arena

Combining Polynomial Chaos Expansions and Kriging for Solving Stochastic Mechanics Problems
Roland Schöbi and Bruno Sudret

Simulation of Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Variate, Stationary and Non-Stationary, Strongly Non-Gaussian Stochastic Processes: The Iterative Translation Approximation Method (ITAM)
Michael D. Shields and George Deodatis

Targeted Random Sampling: A New Method for Efficient Monte Carlo Structural Reliability
Michael D. Shields and V. S. Sundar

Probabilistic Assessment of the Axial Strength of Cold Formed Steel Columns
Bruno T. P. Sily, Francisco C. Rodrigues and Sofia M. C. Diniz

Approaches to Validation of Ship Motion Predictions Tools and Extrapolation Procedures for Large Excursions of Ship Motions in Irregular Seas
T. C. Smith, B. L. Campbell, A. V. Zuzick, W. F. Belknap and A. M. Reed

Modeling of Spatially Varying Structural Uncertainties
Alba Sofi

Piezoelectric Nanocomposites Properties Estimation by Finite-Element Discretization and Monte Carlo Simulation
P. Spanos, T. Koenck and J. Decklever

Probabilistic Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Nanocomposites via Multi-Phase Homogenization
P. Spanos, J. Decklever and A. Tamer

Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Large Scale Uncertain and Discrete Linear Systems Subject to Stochastic Loads
Seymour M.J. Spence, Massimiliano Gioffrè and Ahsan Kareem

Response Variability of Structures with Softening Materials in a Sequentially Linear Analysis Framework
George Stefanou, Manolis Georgioudakis and Manolis Papadrakakis

Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Base Isolation Structure During Earthquake
Guangjun Sun, Aiqun Li and Hongjing Li

Compressive Sensing Spectral Estimation for Output-Only Structural System Identification
Bamrung Tausiesakul, Kyriaki Gkoktsi and Agathoklis Giaralis

Simulating Polycrystalline Microstructures with Random Tessellation Models for Micromechanical Analysis
Kirubel Teferra and Lori Graham-Brady

Sensitivity of the Stochastic Response of Structures Protected by the Vibrating Barrier Control Device
A. Tombari, I. Zentner and P. Cacciola

Elements of Uncertainty in the Technique of Structural Reanalysis
Natasa R. Trisovic, Aleksandar S. Cvetkovic and Wei Li

Nonlinear Modeling and Fragility Analysis of Ferrocement Structures
Felipe Uribe, Gilberto A. Ortiz, Diego A. Alvarez and Daniel Bedoya-Ruiz

Random Response of Nonlinear System with Hyperbolic Tangent Friction
Yong Wang, Xiaoling Jin and Zhilong Huang

Simulating Diffusion with Quantum Walks on Graphs
Yan Wang

An Integral Transform Approach for Solving Partial Differential Equations with Stochastic Excitation
Wenxian Xie and Pol D. Spanos

Statistical Analysis for the Result of Seismic Risk Assessment of Tokyo, Japan
Fumio Yamazaki and Saaya Iwase

Vibrations of a High-Speed Train due to Slowly Stochastically Changing Soil Stiffness
Daniil Yurchenko, Panagiotis Alevras, Arvid Naess, Peter Woodward and Alexander Bratus

Wiener Path Integral Based Nonlinear Oscillator Survival Probability Determination
Yuanjin Zhang and Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou

Equivalent Linearization of a Linear System with Instantaneous Impacts
H. T. Zhu