Technical Program

A Survey On Personalized Image Searching
P. Rameeza and K. Rahamathulla

Survey on Text Preprocessing and Classification
T. H. Bini Krishna and P. Ezudheen

A Survey on Malayalam Optical Character Recognition System
Karthy Vasudeven and Ajay James

A Survey on Context Sensitive Spelling Error Detection and Correction
N. K. Princy and P. Ezudheen

Change in Shrinkage Characteristics of Fiber Amended Clay Liner Material
V. Radhika and K. Niranjana

Secure Authentication Using Hybrid Graphical Passwords
Shalaka Jadhav and Abhay Kolhe

Intima Media Thickness Measurement of Common Carotid Artery Using Dual Snake Contour and Wiener Filter
L. Ashok Kumar, P. Rajendran and C. Nagarajan

“Using OTP with IBE to Secure Publisher Subscriber Scheme”
Padmavati N. Kshirsagar and S. Pratap Singh

Elderly Support System with Cloud Back End
C. S. Nisha

Dynamic Image Denoising: Using Alarm
Reshma K. Sunil

MESPH: Multipath Efficient Streaming Protocol Using HTTP
T. S. Sruthi

A Protocol for Efficient Peer to-Peer Communication on Android-Based Mobile Devices Using WI-FI Direct
Mithu Varghese

Security Aware Cluster Based Architecture for Manet
Serin V. Simpson and Saju P. John

Network Virtualization Based on Virtual Router
K. P. Sreerekha

Optical Flow Estimation for Efficient Flame Detection in Videos
K. M. Keerthi

Development & Implementation of Mixing Unit Using PLC
Dilbin Sebastian, George Jacob, A. A. Hani Mol, B. Indu Lakshmi and S. H. Rajani

Computer Aided Breast Cancer Detection in Mammographic Images
V. R. Rashmi

Cryptography in the Field of Cloud Computing for Enhancing Security
Nikhitha K. Nair, K. S. Navin and C. S. Soya Chandra

Public Auditing in Cloud Computing by Preserving Privacy
M. Aparnadev

Secure and Energy Efficient Routing in Cluster Based WSN
Megna Unnikrishnan

Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection for MANET
P. Wilny Wilson

Token Based Secure Log Data Management in Cloud
Anjana G. Nair

Securing Images Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
A. Blessy Joy and R. Girish

Hole Detection and Healing Techniques in WSN
P. V. Soumya and R. Shreeja

Sink Relocation in Wireless Sensor Network - A Survey
A. Bahjasra and G. Asha

Scaling Ethernet by Suppressing Broadcast Traffic: A Survey
Naseela Jehan and Aneesh M. Haneef

A Survey on Various Multicast Routing Protocol Using Branching Routers
N. Anishma and M. Sajitha

A Survey on Various Clustering Algorithms in High Dimensional Data
M. Amina and K. Syed Farook

A Review on Trust Based Approaches for Enhancing Security of MANET
M. L. Shabana and Anil K. Jacob

A Study on Relational Database Watermarking Schemes and Its Application in the Ownership Protection of Medical Data
A. Arathi and T. P. Zainul Abid

A Survey on Node Clone Detection in Wireless Sensor Network
V. Dilna and M. Sajitha

A Review on Threshold Secret Sharing
Parvathy Sudheer and T. P. Zainul Abid

A Survey on Security Mechanisms in VANET (Vehicular Adhoc Network)
K. M. Nishi and P. Indu

A Survey on MAC Protocols Based on Duty Cycling Technique in Wireless Sensor Network
P. Hasna and Annes Philip

Review on Security Schemes in Publish Subscribe System
Prathyusha M. Kumar M. Arun Anoop and Viju P. Poonthottam

A Review on Software Project Scheduling Methods
N. Haseeba and K. Sajeer

A Survey on Weblog Segmentation Using Query Clustering Techniques
G. Hima and E. K. Jasila

Using Social Characteristics for Routing in Delay Tolerant Network: A Survey
K. Shadha and K. K Sherikh

A Survey on Blind Dereverberation Methods
P. Khamarunnisa and K. K. Sherikh

Sentiment Analysis System for Product Review: A Survey
K. S. Samith

Choroidal Segmentation and Volume Measurement of Optical Coherence Tomography Images in Eyes Using Intensity-Threshold Method
Neeru Rai, John S. Werner and Raju Poddar

A Review on Feature Correlation Analysis Based DOS Attack Detection Systems
C. Binil Anto Thampi and K. Syed Farook

A Review on Password Protecting Methods
Sufyan Panginikkadan and T. P. Zainul Abid

Identification and Control of Fluid Flow Regulator System
Yogesh V. Lathkar and Ajay B. Patil

Harmonic Elimination Using Cascaded Multilevel Converter Based Statcom
M. R. Lakshmiprabha and P. V. Nithara

Participation of Doubly FED Induction Generator Based Wind Turbines in Power System Primary Frequency Regulation
T. K. Renuka and P. Reji

AN Efficient Image Denoising Method Using SVM Classification
V. Divya and M. Sasikumar

An Energy Efficient Strategy for Target Detection in WSN
Deepthi Jayaprakash and K. R. Chithra

Controller Based Auto Agricultural System
Shah Payal Jayeshkumar

Power Quality Enhancement for a Residential Area by Flexible Power Conversion From Renewable Energy Resource
M. Deepak and K. Surya

An Efficient Method for Classification of Hyper Spectral Images
Vidya R. Menon and M. S. Snigdhamol

Content Based Video Retrieval System for Complex Activity Classification
K. Shibi Thambi and K. R. Mahesh

Offline Signature Verification Based on Sift
S. Sreerag and Anjaly Krishnan

Vision-Controlled Flying Robot
K. A. Drishya and Anjaly Krishnan

User Interactive Image Segmentation Using Mean Shift Clustering
Anjali Ananthan and K. R. Mahesh

Artery/Vein Classification in Retinal Images Using an Automatic Graph-Based Method
Rahul Ramachandran and M. S. Snigdhamol

Collision Avoidance System Using Can Protocol
K. S. Divya and P. A. Neenu

IR to Optical Image Matching Using ECFDA
Midhu Yesodh and P. A. Neenu

Fake Biometric Detection
T. A. Aleena and N. Harikrishnan

An Efficient Approach for Shadow Detection Removal and Reconstruction
K. Chithra and K. P. Jeejo

Color Image Embedding in QR Codes
P. Princy and P. B. Smitha

Maximum Power Point Tracking Efficient Solar (MES) Energy Systems
K. M. Sakthiprasad and P. B. Smitha

Interactive Image Segmentation Based on Seeded Region Growing and Energy Optimization Algorithms
K R. Rasitha, Sherin Thomas and P. M. Vijaykumar

An Innovative Method to Reduce Power Consumption Using Look-Ahead Clock Gating Implemented on Novel Auto-Gated Flip Flops
Roshini Nair

Interference Management in Cooperative Communication Using BRUS Technology
Aishwarya Vijayakumar and K. P. Jeejo

Brain Tumor Detection Using SVM Classifier
Jisney Thomas and N. Harikrishnan

Methods for Reduction of Stray Loss in Flange-Bolt Regions of Large Power Transformers Using Ansys
Linu Alias and V. Malathi

An Intact Solar Irrigation System Operated by Using Three Different Sensors
Jitheesh P. Gopalan and Nidhin Benny

Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Energy Management in a Commercial Building Integrated with Renewable Energy Sources
Twinkle P. Benny and K. M. Manju Padma

An Energy Aware Link Adaptation Algorithm for Wireless Systems
K. Sreedevi Valsan and Lekshmi A. Kurup

DS-QBOK- UWB Transmission Scheme for Wireless Multimedia Communication System
I. Shafeeque, Satheesh N. Kaimal and Livingston Antony

Active and Reactive Power Controller for an Autonomous Wind System Using 12 Pulse PWM Voltage Source Converter
P. V. Nithara, M. R. Lakshmiprabha and K. Surya

Triangulation Method to Obtain Morphing
Vaibhav V. Mainkar

HTC Using Optimization Technique
P. Parvathy, M. G. Abhilash and Divyasree Dinesh

Non Isolated Bidirectional DC DC Converter with Soft Switching Capability for Automotive Engines
Aswathi Ravindran and M. Deepak

Cuk Converters-A Comprehensive Review Based on Topology, Control and Applications
Anju Mohan, P. R. Mini and P. V. Ramakrishnan

Synchronous Buck Converters-A Comprehensive Review Based on Design, Control Strategies, Topologies and Implementation
M. B. Udhyami, P. V. Ramakrishnan and P. R. Mini

A Comparative Study of Harmonic Compensation Techniques in Micro-Grids Using Active Power Filters
N. Neeraj, P. V. Ramakrishnan and P. R. Mini

A Review on the Operation Strategies of Sepic Converter
S. Sangeetha, P. V. Ramakrishnan and P. R. Mini

Harmonic Resonance Analysis in WPP Using Various Filter Techniques: A Review
Blessy Sabu, P. R. Mini, and P. V. Ramakrishnan

Speed Control of Vehicle Using Fractional Network Based Controller
K. Abida, K. Nafeesa and M. Labeeb

Analysis and Design of Isolated Full-Bridge Inverter Using Flyback Converter for Photovoltaic System
K. P. Sreedevi, K. R. Anjali and C. Jyothi Joseph

Solid State Transformer Integrating Distributed Generation and Hybrid Energy Storage System in Micro-Grid
V. Salini Menon, K. R. Anjali and C. Jyothi Joseph

Design and Implementation of a Control Strategy in Microgrid Containing Renewable Energy Generation
Saneen Shoukathali, Rosanna Thomas and Roohma J. Chazhoor

Simulation Methodology for Control of Renewable Energy Sources for Stand Alone Mode of Operation
A. Diya Dayal, A. P. Nishitha and Saneen Shoukathali

Grid Connected D-Statcom for Power Quality Improvement
Roohma J. Chazhoor, A Diya Dayal and Jaison Joy

Use of Artificial Intelligence Tools to Determine the Liquefaction-Triggering Potential
Ankit, Pallavi Mittal and Pijush Samui

Effect of Diesel Contamination on Soil
A. D. Deeraj and K. Ramya

A Study on M-Sand Bentonite Mixture for Landfill Liners
Anna Rose Varghese and T. R. Anjana

Strength Characteristics of Stabilized Peat Soil Using Fly Ash
A. Lakshmi Sai and K. Ramya

Parametric Study of an Geogrid Reinforced Soil Wall Using Plaxis 2D
Lakshmi Mohan and A. V. Praseeja

Study of the Lateral Load Carrying Capacities of Piles in Layered Soils Using Plaxis 3D
Neerad Mohan and K. Ramya

Application of Sisal Fibre for the Improvement of Weak Subgrade Soil
Roshni Vijay and K. Ramya

Study on Bearing Capacity of Foundation Near Slope
M. Krishnaprasad Namboothiripad and T. R. Anjana

Utilization of Copper Slag in Geotechnical Applications
Jesnu P. Jenner and K. Niranjana

Experimental Study on Electrokinetic Stabilisation of Fine Grained Soil
A. R. Linsha and A. V. Praseeja

Seismic Response of Pile Foundation in Clayey Soils and Seismic Strengthening Using Micropiles
Jithu S. Babu and A. V. Praseeja

Study on CBR Values of Clay Soil with Crushed Coconut Shells
Siva L. Krishnan and A. V. Praseeja

Slope Stability Analysis and Slope Stability Improvement by Plaxis
A. U. Shajitha and K. Niranjana

Seismic Analysis of Performance Based Design of Reinforced Concrete Building
Rehan A. Khan and T. Naqvi

Bio-Enzyme Stabilisation of Subgrade Soil
Swathy M. Muraleedharan and K. Niranjana

Sustainable Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Materials
Jobin Johnson, K. M. Arjum and Libin Lazar

Metamaterials: A Doorway to a New World
Blessin Das and Shammas Sulaiman

Delays in Indian Nuclear Power Plant
Govind Ranmale and B. E. Narkhede

Microstructure, Mechanical & Wear Characteristics of Al 336/ (0-10) Wt. % SICP Composites
T. Harikrishnan, M. R. Sarathchandradas and V. R. Rajeev

A Study on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of A356 Alloy Metal Matrix Composites - A Review
Sarita Saini, Brijesh Gangil, K. K. S. Mer, Pawan Kumar Pant and Manoj Kumar Pathak

Fuel Saver System Using Electric Motor
Danison Vazhappilly, T. K. Geo, K. A. Sachin and T. Sarath Raj

A Review on Energy Efficient Hierarchical Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network
E. K. Sreela and G. Asha

A Survey on Opportunistic Routing Protocols in MANET
M. K. Haseena and Annes Philip

Damping of Power Oscillation in UPFC Using an ST Controller
Divyasree Dinesh, Parvathy Pradeep and Frenish Francis

Subgrade Improvement on Silty Sand Using Geogrid
M. Archana and T. R. Anjana