Message from Principal

It is with great satisfaction that I pen down these few words. The overwhelming response to our invitation for research papers (more than 200) to the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology 2015 (ICETET-2015) was something more than expected. I am sad to say that we could not accept all of them. Most of the papers are original and excellent in their content, approach and findings.

This conference and the publication of the research papers will definitely help the delegates and resource persons to present their findings across a cross section of enthusiastic researchers, teachers, technocrats, students and engineers. Participants will benefit out of them in many ways.

Research in the field of Science and Technology is growing fast in the globalized world. A generation, a society or a nation which is ahead or at least abreast with the recent developments in S& T will dictate terms of the future course of action not only in the economy but also in the power relations among the nations. One which is lagging behind will be pushed back and will have to accept the terms of others hands down.

New India is an emerging India and is shoulder above many other similarly placed countries and is trying to catch up with the developed west. This International Conference and the Conference volume are attempts at opening up the recent developments in S & T especially in the four branches of engineering.

I whole heartedly welcome all the participants (delegates and resource persons) to the Conference and wish them a creative and enriching time.

23 April 2015
Dr. K. Satheesh Kumar
Thejus Engineering College, India