Message from Chairman

I am very happy to know that Thejus Engineering College is forthcoming with the publication of the Conference Volume of International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology 2015 (ICETET-2015).

It is heartening to see that scheduled conference and the conference volume will go a long way in gathering the latest developments in the Technical and Scientific research and disseminating the same to the students and those who seek such knowledge. This is precisely one of the reasons behind the concept of ‘Thejus’. Thus this is a step in realizing one of our goals.

I wish all the best to the delegates to the conference and congratulate the organizers of the conference and Chief Editor of the conference volume especially Principal Dr K. Satheesh Kumar and Chief Editor DrGylson Thomas on their courageous and constrictive efforts.

23 April 2015
Mr C.C.Thampi
Chairman, Cheruvathoor Foundation