Utilizing a Grid Method for Accuracy Study of Micro SLA Parts

E. Minev1, K. Popov1, R. Minev1, S. Dimov1, V. Gagov2 and M. Packianather1

1Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Cardiff University, CF24 3AA, UK

2Rousse University, Rousse 7002, Bulgaria


The paper introduces a methodology for strain estimation in studying the accuracy of the micro SLA process. The calculation of strains is carried out following the approach utilized in sheet metal forming analysis.

The method consists of building a set of test plates with square grids. The simple geometry of the reference points on the grids allows easy measurement with optical metrology equipment controlled by purpose made software. The obtained set of grid point coordinates is used to calculate the offset between measured and nominal grid coordinates. A specially developed program calculates strains in each grid cell. Plots of strain distributions alongside x, y, z axis are generated and interpolated.

The specific strains of meso-micro parts due to different factors during and after building is illustrated and explained. Directions for further research are also presented.

Keywords: Micro SLA, Accuracy, Metrology.

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