Keynote Talk 2

Monday, January 4, 2010 / 12:00 – 12:45 hrs

Modeling & Simulation of Industrial Multiphase Flows with Phase Change

A. G. Chilka, P. R. Gunjal and V. V. Ranade
Tridiagonal Solutions Pvt Ltd, 100 NCL Innovation Park,
NCL, Pune, 411008, India.


Multiphase flows with phase change are widely encountered in practice. Such systems span almost all the industry sectors right from energy (combustion, boilers), refinery & petrochemicals (FCC risers, distillation columns), materials (fluidized bed poly-olefin reactors, rotary cement kilns, metal processing, crystalline silicon), pharmaceutical (crystallizers, drying, tablet coating) to automotive (IC engines), HVAC & consumer goods (refrigeration equipment). Establishing and retaining competitive edge in many of these industries depends on how well these multiphase flows with phase change are designed and operated. These multiphase flows with phase change offer significant challenges to modeling. This presentation focuses on application of computational fluid dynamics to understand behavior of multiphase flows with phase change and develop methodology to improve design & operation of such systems. The presentation is focused on describing methodology for modeling industrial multiphase systems with phase change. The issues like what accuracy levels are needed for achieving different objectives and cost to benefit analysis of different modeling approaches are discussed. Basic concepts and model equations are briefly described. Application of these models to typical industrial problems is discussed with the help of examples. Lessons learnt from the experience of applying these modeling methods to solve industrial problems are briefly summarized at the end along with some suggestions for further work.