Numerical Analysis of Microchannels with Internal Longitudinal Fins

Ramesh Narayanaswamya, Andrew Foong Jun Lib and Tilak T. Chandratillekec

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University of Technology, Kent Street, Bentley, WA 6102, Australia.


This paper examines the thermal behaviour of fluid flow through a microchannel that incorporates four internal longitudinal rectangular fins. Three-dimensional numerical simulations are developed to investigate the laminar fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in this modified microchannel geometry. Considering constant wall heat flux thermal boundary conditions, the overall performance of the microchannel is evaluated through computation of heat transfer rates and fluid velocity profiles. The degree of possible thermal enhancement is assessed by comparing the heat transfer rates in finned microchannels with those of identical, but unfinned channels. By varying the aspect ratio of the channel, and other pertinent fin parameters, the effects of internal fins on microchannel thermal performance are identified. A careful observation of the flow structures around fins is carried out to understand the effect of various parameters on the thermal performance characteristics of the microchannel.

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