Session SRS Session-02
Date Saturday, August 24, 2013
Session Chairs Dr. B. S. Harish, SJCE, Mysore
Dr. K. M. Anil Kumar, SJCE, Mysore

Real Time Implementation of Adaptive Noise Canceller on Beagle Board Using Simulink
Chitra K. Rao, H. Lokesha, S. Veena and S. Pavithra

Countering the Risks in Cloud Storage Using Depsky Architecture
R. Raghavendra Rao, Hugar Manjunatha and Yadhunandan

Self Electricity Generation and Energy Saving by Solar with Wind Using Embedded System
M. V. Patil, Y. D. Chincholkar and M. M. Wankhade

Postal Letter Sorting Using Digital Image Processing on Matlab
Chandrika Joshi and Gangotri Bhat

Simulation of Attenuation and Dispersion in a Single-Mode Fiber Optics Using MATLAB
Sabah Hawar Saeid and Anas Fattah Al-Mesbahi

Intelligent Traffic Management System
Tarun Bansal, Taher Ali Rangwala and Mahesh Agrawal

Bills Payment Via SMS
Saad Boukers and Abdelkader Belkhir

Modular Framework for Processing and Analyzing On-line Micro-texts to Enhance the Quality of Trend Monitoring
Ritesh Srivastava and M. P. S. Bhatia

Model Optmization of Narx Neural Network for Stock Price Prediction
Saurabh Jha and Aman Singh

Endoscopic Nanobots Using Bio-Organism Inspired Nanofibrilliar Adhesives and Heading Direction Mechanism for the Robot Swarm
Ketaki Rajiv Joshi

Analyzing Radicalization on Twitter
Pooja Wadhwa and M. P. S. Bhatia

Personalized Image Search
S. L. Bhavana, P. Sai Srivalli, M. N. Sukanya and Aniruddha Battacharjya

Implementing the ATM Based Voting Services - The Restful Way
Kausal Malladi and Srivatsan Sridharan

Incorporating Auto-Vectorization into Polyhedral Loop-Nest Optimizer
M. S. Anantha Padmanabha, N. Darshan and Prashantha Naduthotha

A Web Framework for Remote Sharing - Web Desk
C. Sumakeerthi, C. H. Snehitha, K. Sruthireddy and Aniruddha Battacharjya