Part III – Explosion Blast Analysis and Mitigation

Modeling the Evolution of an Explosion on the USS Forrestal
N. A. Moussa and V. V. Devarakonda

Analysis of Combustion Hazards Due to Catastrophic Failures in Lithium-Ion Battery Packs
F. Colella, K. Marr, N. F. Ponchaut, S. Somandepalli and R. Spray

Blast Pressure Mitigation by Water Around a Subsurface Magazine
T. Tanaka, A. Matsuo, T. Homae, K. Wakabayashi, T. Matsumura and Y. Nakayama

The Interpretation of Thermal Damage Sustained by a Building and its Décor as a Consequence of a Gas Explosion
G. Tomlin, H. N. Phylaktou and G. E. Andrews

Predictive Impulse Dispersal of Liquid Employing a Code Coupling Methodology
A. L. Brown