Part II – Fire Suppression and Mitigation

The Exothermic Reaction of Fire Suppressants
G. Linteris, V. Babushok, F. Takahashi and V. Katta

Evaluation of Novel Fire Suppression Systems for Conveyor Belt Fires in Underground Coal Mines
K. Teacoach and R. Thomas

Large Scale Experimental and Computational Study of Fire Mitigating Effects of Water Droplet Spray Systems
T. Evanger, B. Grimsmo, B. E. Vembe, C. Sesseng, R. Wighus and B. F. Magnussen

Experimental Study on the Suppression of Liquid Pool Fire with Water Mist Under Longitudinal Ventilation
Q. W. Li, Y. W. Cai, M. H. Feng, R. M. Pan and J. Qin

Flame Suppression by Water Sprays: Exploring Capabilities and Failures of FDS
A. Tsoi, A. Snegirev, L. Tanklevskiy and I. Sheinman

Image-Based Characterization of a Medium Velocity Fire Water Nozzle – Preliminary Results
J. Lundberg, O. M. Lysaker, K. Vaagsaether and D. Bjerketvedt

Modelling of Sprinkler Sprays Using Deterministic and Stochastic Approaches
H. Aghajani, S. Dembele and J. X. Wen

Simulating Sprinkler Based Rack Storage Fire Suppression Under Uniform Water Application
K. V. Meredith, P. Chatterjee, Y. Wang and Y. Xin